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Let's move from information to insight.

Results are one thing. Long-term transformational change is another.
Let's build something massive, together.

Data is not enough.

At Plenty, we've raised well over one billion dollars for incredible causes like yours. We've pioneered models and frameworks used across the world to improve fundraising results. We're consistently recognized as thought leaders in fundraising analytics. And that's why we know that great results don't simply come from gathering information. They come from passion, alignment, courage, and authenticity.

Our clients are idealists. Their monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue goals are critical. But their goals serve a larger purpose: Massive positive change. 

The ROI of Passionate Analytics

Massive change takes resources. Attracting those resources requires the courage to focus and the willingness to be different. Being different takes aligned leadership. And that kind of courageous leadership calls people to be their whole, authentic selves.

Our holistic approach blends head and heart to create growth of 15% or more in the first year alone. Our analysts can help you deconstruct your revenue drivers to help you understand how to grow each component and create a more cohesive whole.

As an example, let's take a look at event fundraising  an extremely effective application of peer-to-peer fundraising. Add your numbers below to see how better peer-to-peer skills, more focused strategy, more aligned leaders, and more inspired and whole people can transform the results of your fundraising campaign. 

Not in the event fundraising space? Contact us for examples of how our work can transform your results, your organization, your people, and you. 

How Plenty Drives Growth

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How Much More Abundance You Can Provide $6,465,188

[Plenty’s] framing of the trends and insights was very helpful. I have often thought that charities really need to hire 'futurologists' to help us get ahead. [Their] team has a real intelligent and informed confidence that brings a room onside and engaged in such an inspired way.
Lesley Ring   
Canadian Cancer Society

How We Help

We offer services in four key areas that are the cornerstones of transformational change: fundraising, strategy, leadership, and wellbeing. In each area, we offer a set of experiential analytics and consulting services designed to help you discover your opportunities, develop your campaigns, fuel your people, and succeed in your plans. 

We can help you uncover the passion, alignment, courage, and authenticity you need to truly create a better world. 

Together, our idealism is going to move mountains. Let's inspire each other.

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Your idealism can change the world - and we can help.
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