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Bryan Funk


Pronouns: He/Him

I believe in the power of actualization. The heart of my work has been centered around helping others realize just how powerful they really are. I am an optimistic leader who loves to support the limitless possibilities in others and am grateful for the opportunities to do so.
I've spent the last decade leading global peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, raising millions of dollars, forging synergetic partnerships with influencers and nonprofits, and mobilizing thousands of people across a variety of cause areas including, human rights, peace building, enhancing civil society, and mental health. During this period, I also became a member of New Leaders Council (NLC) Alumni, working with progressive leaders across the country to create a better tomorrow. 
That path and some very synchronistic moments led me to Plenty, where I first became a graduate of Lantern, Plenty's leadership retreat, and soon after, a full-time team member. Being a consultant has woven my past, present, and future ambitions for a better world through the work we do with social purpose companies and organizations. I couldn't be happier. 
As a New Englander, I  love to be outdoors no matter the season. You can find me surfing the southern beaches of Maine, climbing the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or skiing the slopes of Vermont. Exploring quaint old towns for the next best antique store or finding a local coffee shop makes for a perfect day. 
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I believe in the power of actualization. The heart of my work has been centered around helping others realize just how powerful they really are.

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