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Campaign Director

Position Description

YOU: Bright, poised, resourceful and tenacious. You carry yourself well, you are confident in the spotlight and working with clients, and you also know how to get things done behind the scenes. When you don’t know the answer you know how to find it or figure it out. You jump on things without waiting to be told. You have good judgment and you trust your gut. You understand the ins-and-outs of leading and operating large-scale, peer-to-peer, and event fundraising campaigns because you’ve done it. First hand. For years. Your knowledge comes from having been knee-deep in the middle of the fray, and guiding a team of your peers, bosses, vendors, direct reports, and constituents to a victorious, revenue-generating finish line.

You’re good at building and launching something from square one, and you’re also able to jump in and find the first dozen ways to make an existing program better. While you prefer to compose and conduct a beautifully orchestrated symphony, you shine in “make it work” moments, when time is running out, the budget was just cut, the tent vendor didn’t show up, and rain is in the forecast. You keep your cool, keep it together and find ingenious ways through. You love problem solving, taking on new challenges, getting your brain moving and your hands dirty. The juice is in getting stuff done and moving things forward.

You think in terms of timelines, deadlines, milestones and deliverables and you love managing a team to meet them. You’re diplomatic and know how to engage stakeholders, build consensus, identify and avoid potential pitfalls and play quarterback of an all-star team. You have an eye for visual design, you know when style points matter, and you know how to identify and focus on the details that make a difference. You hustle. You get stuff done. Above all you get fired up about making the world a better place.

US: Our values are authenticity, courage, excellence, idealism, inclusion, innovation and love. We walk the talk. Hope needs help and we believe the world has plenty for everyone – to do, to learn, to believe in, to enjoy, and to offer. We exist to connect, support, and inspire idealists to create massive positive change. We know that there is a lot of work to do to realize this vision and we love that we get to do it together. We focus our efforts on fundraising, strategy, leadership and wellbeing as we help transform individuals and organizations through experiences, consulting and campaign management. We think with our heads and feel with our hearts, and we act with confidence, co-creation and compassion. We’re idealists, leaders, change-makers and doers. We are Plenty.   

THE WORK: As the Campaign Director, you will lead a team to build and implement operational plans aimed at producing exceptional peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. You are our primary connection with our clients and our client’s primary liaison to the experts on our team, and your job is to bring the right combination of people together to create success. Based on years of operating peer-to-peer fundraising programs, you will stay focused on the big picture, while recognizing that the big picture is composed of dozens of smaller parts and pieces that form the whole. Based on your experience, you will build strategies and plans in a confident, credible way. You will manage the program and lead the collective group towards the goal. You will share what you know and what you learn at conferences and industry meetings, contribute to the Plenty blog, and generate ideas for e-books and webinars. You are comfortable at your desk, in a work-room with a client team and onsite for an event. You are game to travel, sometimes up to 50% of the time.

WE'RE A GOOD FIT IF: You “get” peer-to-peer and event fundraising campaigns.. You’ve lived them, led them, and you love them. You know the nooks and crannies and how to optimize them, you know the hidden traps and how to mitigate them. You learned this from at least five years of relevant experience creating and implementing strategic and operational plans for peer-to-peer fundraising programs. You are independent and disciplined enough to work from home and you love the idea of having teammates across the country. You’re passionate about relationships and understand the role that they play in creating change, fostering connection and building community. You’ve demonstrated your ability to influence credibly and effectively at all levels of the organizations, all the way up to C-level bigwigs. Technology doesn’t scare you. Word and PowerPoint are your BFFs. You are good natured and you get fired up about working with our clients, some of the best nonprofits in the world, to create massive positive change. you want to be a part of a team working to create a better world.

TO APPLY: Tell us about a “make it work” moment. A time when, despite the best planning and coordination, things went totally sideways. Tell us what happened, how you recovered, and what you learned. Include your resume, and a tell us a bit about why you’re the person we’re looking for. Send over to hello@plentyconsulting.com with the subject line “Campaign Director.” We will review and if you’re a match we’ll contact you to start the conversation.

For an introduction to who we are and how we look at the world, read our manifesto here.