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Casey Ernstes

Intuitive – Intentional – Awake

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This self-proclaimed romantic has an affinity for life’s details, and is happiest with a pen and Moleskine in hand to record them. Fueled by black coffee and her passion for Americana, adventure, and social good, Casey lends her penchant for research and relationships to the Plenty team as a Consultant.

As co-director of the charity race she founded with her family, Casey developed an appreciation for the power of community, youth, and the experiential at a young age. And it has continued to inspire her mentality of abundance. She has lent her writing skills and Spanish language chops to a number of for-purpose organizations as a volunteer, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Borgen Project, ForestNation, and the Smile Train. Through each experience, she has been newly inspired by the potential of today’s increasingly interconnected, mobile, and inquisitive world. 

 The most direct route to happiness is in service to others.   Matthieu Ricard

Prior to joining Plenty, Casey exercised her left-brain as a paralegal at a boutique litigation firm in Atlanta. She earned her B.S. in Biology from Washington & Lee University, where she ran Track and Field, served in officer positions with Kappa Alpha Theta, and studied the nuances of romance languages in Spain. And while the Windy City is home for now, Casey is always on the lookout for the next coastline, dialect, or culture – as long as she can still tune into Braves baseball games on the radio. 

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