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Claire Thomison

Creative – Logical – Curious

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This data-lover has more than just a green thumb – she has a green heart. Whether she is tending to succulents and microgreens at home, exploring her passion for environmental justice, or finding creative ways to refresh economies and communities, Claire seeks ways to sustain and revitalize organizations and shared resources.

  Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.   Edward Abbey

As an Analyst at Plenty, she applies her background in urban planning and analytics to help our clients optimize, analyze, and draw conclusions from their data. Whether using her spatial analysis skills to make geo-targeted recommendations for national nonprofits, or putting on her problem-solving hat to help synchronize sales and marketing efforts, Claire never settles for less than the best solution.

Prior to joining Plenty, Claire did good with data as an Economic and Environmental Resiliency ORISE fellow at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Here she applied her Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning and Development and Economics from Ball State University. A degree she later took to the next level at the University of Illinois Chicago, where she received her Master’s in Urban Planning and Policy.

When she isn’t knee deep in data, Claire can be found infusing color into the world through her graphic design business, biking around Chicago in search of new restaurants, or curled up with a book – preferably on the quiet shores of Lake Michigan.

Check out Claire's tips and advice in her recent blog posts.

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