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Conscious Conversations

Amazing things happen when people come together for the greater good.

Join Plenty in our year-round series of community gatherings around the country. Free and open to the public. 

Upcoming Conversations

This is much more than a typical meet and greet. Go way past networking to forge new relationships that you'll look forward to cultivating and deepening all year long.

Each Conscious Conversation has a different theme intended to deepen your self-awareness, presence, and power as you meet other conscious people like you. 


Winter Solstice 2019 1600px

Winter Solstice Ceremony

December 19, 2019
HeartSpace, Park City, Utah

The shortest day and the longest night have arrived. Join Plenty and amazing people like you for an intimate Winter Solstice Ceremony. This sacred evening will be spent in quiet reflection, intentional manifestation, and conscious connection. 

Honor the past, enjoy the present, and turn towards the light as you set your intentions for the year to come. Enjoy Native American Flute Medicine from Dallas Brown and be guided by Plenty co-leaders Jennifer and Jeff to illuminate the light for yourself and others.

We have a limited number of seats this year and will not have availability the day of the event. You must register in advance.


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Be Your Own Valentine

February 11, 2020
HeartSpace, Park City

During this season of romance, often the hardest person to appreciate is the person looking back at us in the mirror. And yet, without a loving relationship with self, none of our other relationships can really work, either. You can't give what you don't have.  

Join us for Conscious Conversations during the week of Valentine's Day as we explore the power of self-love – intimacy with our truths, gentleness with our faults, honesty for our yearnings, and appreciation for what makes us each special. We'll turn our focus inward and hold up the mirror to our true selves.  And we'll do it in the way we do everything – together in community over light appetizers and refreshments in beautiful HeartSpace, Park City.

You're worth every bit of love and care you want and need. Give yourself all of that and more at this month's Conscious Conversation.

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The Power of Presence

Spring 2020

HeartSpace, Park City, Utah

Your presence is powerful. When you show up, you make an impact on those you come in contact with, for better or worse. Your presence can be intentional and uplifting. Or, it can be distracted and dismissive. 

How do you want others to think and feel about you after they are in your presence? What feeling do you want to leave them with? 

When you walk into the room, you emanate a way of being that leaves a lasting impression. So, why not be intentional about the ripple you leave? Join Plenty and other conscious leaders at our January Conscious Conversations as we connect presence-to-presence. Become aware of the impact you make and learn simple tools to help you become aware of one of your greatest attributes: the power of your presence. 

About Conscious Conversations


You'll be surrounded by conscious leaders as you learn best practices and lessons of growth that will leave you uplifted and motivated to pursue your path. 


We will harness your heart as much as your head as you participate in conversations of meaning and relevance for you and your work. 


This is no time for lecture. You'll enjoy sharing your wisdom in this curated, interactive exchange of thought leadership.


This is more than a meet and greet. We will go way past networking to help you forge new relationships you will look forward to cultivating and deepening. 


You're smart. Let's delight in being with intelligent, thoughtful, and mindful people who care to make a difference. 

Worth Your Time

You're busy and your time is precious. We know you need to choose wisely and so do we. That's why we invest our whole heads and hearts to create a day worth remembering.

Connect, share, learn, and grow with other amazing people like you. 

Meaningful Connection

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Intimate Exploration
Expertise Exchanged
Deep Discussions
Intentional Convening
Meaningful Connections
Fascinating Content
Masterful Facilitation

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