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Inspiring events.
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We are the event fundraising leaders.
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Create Better Concepts

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Raise More Revenue

Our team has worked in the event fundraising space for two decades, helping our nonprofits clients raise over one billion dollars for charity. We've written some of the most widely-used thought leadership in the industry – and we're ready to help you.

We've written the book on event fundraising. Several times.

Our thought leadership has helped thousands of nonprofit professionals like you create better, more successful events. We can help you answer the most pressing questions impacting growth – and we offer a wide variety of free resources to help you unlock abundance. 

How do I choose the right concept? GearsCover.jpg

This e-book will introduce you to the three gears impacting your participation. Learn how to leverage them to design better event fundraising ideas and grow participation in your peer-to-peer event programs.

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What can I do to raise more revenue?FactorsCover.jpg

Our Seven Success Factors framework describes the basic building blocks of event fundraising – the core criteria that must be in place to create a successful, growing program. This free e-book will give you the knowledge and tips needed to begin improving your program.

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How can I take advantage of the latest trends?P2PTrendsCover.jpg

Download our newest e-book to learn about the critical components of measuring and increasing the ROI of your event. This guide will help you look beyond fundraising tactics to the strategic elements that form the basis of peer-to-peer success. 

BONUS! We have also included the latest Peer-to-Peer Top Thirty Fundraising results, which highlight the top programs in 2016 and what the latest fundraising trends reveal about community, change, and the importance of creating sustainable fundraising movements. 

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Plenty is truly giving us the direction, roadmap, and light to do this the way we are. Getting alignment around Plenty's Five Keys have significantly changed our messaging. We're so much stronger in saying what we mean."

Ken Brissa, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network