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Possibility is everywhere.

You just need the right team, tools, and open space to find it. Let us help you make a massive positive difference in our peer-to-peer world.

We're better together. We're not meant to live life alone. We're meant to connect and collect - to find people to admire, beauty to desire, and ideas to inspire. We've made experiences critical to our work because the best things in life are meant to be experienced.

A great experience is magical. Goosebump-inducing. Reflective, contemplative - and also invigorating and exciting. When you're ready for training that feels more like a great adventure and less like an insurance seminar, we're ready for you.

Upcoming Events

Lantern: Illuminating the Leader's Journey

For individuals. Our next open session runs November 15 - November 18. Click below to see all of our 2017 dates.

You are the leader you are looking for. It's time to shine your light. Lantern is a groundbreaking, experiential leadership curriculum designed for pioneers who want to illuminate their path to transform the world. Like you.

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Meridian: Connecting to the Heart of Strategy

For organizations and teams like yours. Contact us to inquire about available dates.

A new strategic model for idealistic organizations. Like yours. Put your passion at the heart of organizational strategy and witness the alignment, growth and impact you've dreamed of come to life. Welcome to Meridian.

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Empyrean: The Idealist Retreat

Coming in 2017!

You have an idea - something you've been thinking, hoping, and dreaming about for some time. You have a calling - a feeling that you're meant for more, a vision that you have gifts that are made to be used in this world.

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Lumeria: A Wellbeing Weekend

Coming in 2017!

Join us at Lumeria and treat yourself to a unique weekend of wisdom, self-awareness, and personal growth on your journey to becoming healthier and happier.

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Plenty brings a unique combination of intelligence and passion to its work… and it produces great results.
Charles Coustan, Executive Director   
World Bicycle Relief

Our Experiences


HeartSpace is our Park City retreat center for idealists to connect, gather, revitalize, create, and most of all, to dream big. It's a perfect setting to find the inspiration and engagement you need to set yourself on the path to achieving your goals. Bring your dreams, your visions, your hopes, and your whole human self, and let's mix them into something magical together.

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The Idealist Retreat

You’re a dreamer and a doer. You have a vision of a better world, and you’ve invested your heart, brain, and muscle into making it happen. Join a collection of fellow idealists for two days of inspiration and interaction designed to align your personal passions and professional values and connect you to a group of like-minded movers and shakers working to create massive positive change.

Park City Workshops and Events

From connecting a group of idealists, story-tellers, and film-makers from all over the world for a discussion about creating global good during the Sundance Film Festival, to Winter Solstice ceremonies, to yoga classes, to wellbeing seminars, to gathering pro-social thought leaders about mindfulness, strategy, and whole-person change, we host a variety of events at HeartSpace, our retreat center in Park City, Utah.

Custom Curriculum Design

Does your team need an experiential program that’s as unique as your opportunities, challenges, personalities and resources? Let our team work with yours to develop and implement a custom curriculum to engage, inspire, prepare, delight, and motivate you. From annual meetings to team “re-believes” to strategic planning sessions to small-group problem solving to topic-specific workshops, we’ll host you at our place in Park City, Utah, or we’ll come to you.

Nothing will ever replace the transformative power of human interaction.
Let's share and learn from each other. Contact us to talk about the possibilities.

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