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A Full Moon Meditation


The Pisces full moon is upon us. It's purity of white light ushers in a new cycle of flow after a turbulent period of retrogrades, resistance and change.  This sacred time invites reflection, heightened intuition and sensitivity as we imagine the next cycle of our lives.  Allow the light to illuminate your hopes, your deepest desires, and divine birthright - waiting for you to claim. 

We invite you to pause, to breathe, and to BE.
Inhale the light into your body, mind and soul.
Exhale any darkness, tension, worry, and doubt. 

Find a comfortable place and click above to listen to this full moon guided meditation.

Words by Jennifer Mulholland and music by Jeff Shuck. Produced by Plenty, for you. 

To unlock growth for yourself and illuminate the light within join us for Lantern this October. 

What are you hopeful for?
What patterns, limiting beliefs and habits are you willing to release?
Where can you ask for help?

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