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  • The Home of HeartSpace

    Welcome to Park City, Utah, known as "America's favorite town."

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  • The Heart of Park City

    Just 30 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport,
    nestled in the Wasatch Mountains with eleven ski resorts within an hour away.

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    Surrounded By Beauty

    Nature is all around. Hiking trails and the majesty of the mountains
    surround our retreat center for you to enjoy.


Our Mountain town


Park City, Utah is home to the 2002 Winter Olympics and has been rated “America’s best town” by Outside Magazine and Forbes. It is nestled in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, just 30 minutes from the Salt Lake International Airport and,7,000 feet above sea level. This quaint yet bustling destination continues to get high ranking votes for being the best: 

Summer weather in Park City can range from sunny and hot to cool in the same day. During our experiences, we take time for outdoor exhertion, discussion and reflection. We partner with many local leaders to bring you the best of fitness, adventure and movement so you can fully activate and nourish your whole self while you are with us. 

People choose to live in Park City for the lifestyle  and we invite you to experience what that life is like. In the spring, summer and fall months, experience; mountain biking, hiking, stand-up-paddle boarding, sailing, zip-lining, alpine sliding, hot air ballooning and in the winter months experience alpine and nordic skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and touring. Its all in our backyard for you to try and enjoy!

Travel to Park City


Airport Information

Just thirty minutes from the International Salt Lake City airport, Park City feels a million miles away from anything holding you back.

Lodging Options

HeartSpace is conveniently located next to a variety of hotels to fit any style and budget. We're ready for you.

Our Favorite Restaurants


Park City has over two hundred restaurants on Main Street and more around town. Here are some of Plenty's favorites for you to enjoy during your open nights or extended stay.

On Main Street

Off Main Street

Our Favorite Activities


Hiking - Biking - Fishing - Hot Air Ballooning - Ziplining - Rock Climbing - Shopping - Dining  

Park City is more than just skiing. You can find hundreds of miles of trails to hike or bike on, world-class fishing holes, hot air baloon rides and Olympic-style thrill rides including the ziplines, alpine slides, bobsled, and luge – right outside our backdoor. Seriously, right in our backyard.

Our Favorite Resorts


Biking All Around

Take advantage of the more than 420 miles of trails found in the Park City Area on a mountain bike. Or rent a new electric bike to get from place to place.

Catch A Fish

• Trout Bum 2
• Jans Mountain Outfitters 


Enjoy Our Waters


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