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The Idealist Collective

Amazing things happen when change makers, leaders, and influencers come together for the greater good.

Upcoming Gatherings

Park City

Hope Needs Help. Your Help. 

Join us as we share a healthy breakfast and explore what we are each hopeful for. Treat yourself to a morning of meaning with Plenty’s co-leaders Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck and a fantastic group of local idealists. Connect, awaken, inspire and be inspired.

December 4, 2018 | 7:00am-9:00am
| HeartSpace, Park City, Utah

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Park City

Spring 2019 | HeartSpace, Park City, Utah

Stay tuned for our 2019 schedule!

Park City

Fall 2019 | HeartSpace, Park City, Utah

Stay tuned for our 2019 schedule!

About The Idealist Collective


You'll be surrounded by industry leaders as you learn best practices and lessons of growth that will leave you uplifted and motivated to pursue your path. 


We will harness your heart as much as your head as you participate in conversations of meaning and relevance for you and your work. 


This is no time for lecture. You'll enjoy sharing your wisdom in this curated, interactive exchange of thought leadership.


This is more than a meet and greet. We will go way past networking to help you forge new relationships you will look forward to cultivating and deepening. 


You're smart. Let's delight in being with intelligent, thoughtful, and mindful people who care to make a difference. 

Worth Your Time

You're busy and your time is precious. We know you need to choose wisely and so do we. That's why we invest our whole heads and hearts to create a day worth remembering.

Connect, share, learn and grow with other amazing idealists. 

Meaningful Connections Made

Intimate Exploration
Expertise Exchanged
Meaningful Connection
Intentional Convening
Deep Discussions
Fascinating Content
Masterful Facilitation

What Our Clients Say

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