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Passionate Practice

Your Lantern toolkit for shining your light.

Practice always starts today. 

Dear March of Dimes Leader,

We are so grateful you joined us at Lantern! Wow, was that wonderful! Thank you for choosing yourself. Thank you for sharing your courage and presence with us and each other.

This page is your gateway to the next step: Practice. Practice happens where we are, each day, every day. We've compiled our favorite tips, resources, and tools to help you light your path. Use it with our compliments to help you shine your light, every step you take.

We'll be adding meditations, video, and other recordings soon. We'll also be regularly posting announcements of webinars, classes, and offers for you — so we recommend that you check this kit every week or so.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out with your questions, comments, and suggestions. We're looking forward to growing with you. 

You've got this!
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The Meaning of Lantern

Lantern_Icon_Blue_081716.pngA leader is a light for others.
Leadership involves creating vision, inspiration, learning, and guidance for others. Leadership is about speaking our truths and shining our lights and in order to do so, we must trust and know ourselves. The process of leadership starts with clarifying one’s own passions – the things we care about and why – and then sharing them with the world.

Lantern_Icon_Blue_081716.pngThe light is always within us.
We all have values and passions, and those passions are the fundamental tool to harness in leadership. This means that even in our darkest, most insecure, and fearful moments, we still have everything we need to be leaders. It also means that everyone has the fundamental ability to lead others – we all get to choose when to shine our lights.

Lantern_Icon_Blue_081716.pngWe only need to see what is right in front of us. 
The idea that we can control the world around us – with our words, plans, goals, or actions – is self-centered and archaic. A leader realizes the role of uncertainty, fortune, luck, risk, and synchronicity. Leaders don’t need to know all the answers, and seldom do. Rather, leaders spend time practicing and learning to navigate the unknown, step by step, moment by moment in alignment with one’s beliefs, values and purpose. With practice, leaders get to realize they can trust they have what they need in the moment to “show up to what shows up.”

Lantern_Icon_Blue_081716.pngThere is a larger light guiding us.
Leaders know that there’s a bigger plan. Some call it Fate; others God; others the Universe; others the Divine. Whatever one’s name for it, a leader realizes there are other forces at work. Those forces sometimes communicate to us via insight, intuition and synchronicity. Leaders polish their intellectual skills, but they are just as willing to follow their instincts, feelings, and heart as they walk in awareness. 



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Soul Space

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Wellbeing in Work & Life 

An interview with Jennifer and Jeff at the Classy Collaborative, filmed in June 2017 in Boston.

The Congruency Gap

Another short piece from the Classy Collaborative. 



Lantern Practice

Practice-Lantern.jpgHoʻ oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono)
An ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Similar forgiveness practices were performed on islands throughout the South Pacific, including Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand. Think of someone you want to close the distance with. Picture them in your mind and bring them into your heart. Then, repeat this mantra until YOU feel a shift inside of yourself. Say it over and over until you feel calmer and more centered – and watch your relationships heal and change.

"I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.I love you." This is Ho'oponopono.

Practice-Lantern.jpgSomatic Breathing
A wonderful way to connect head and heart. Breathe in and out of your mouth, matching your inhalation and exhalation in equal duration. Watch how you can drop from your head to your heart as your breath smoothes and deepens. 

Practice-Lantern.jpgReleasing Mantra
I, ________________ (state your name), release, reject and revoke and and all contracts, beliefs, programs, and patterns with myself and others that no longer serve my highest and greatest good.

Practice-Lantern.jpgAffirming Mantra
“I, ________________ (state your name), affirm and actualize the roles and contracts that illuminate my light and help me live into my fullest potential.” Sometimes we say this differently as, "I release, reject, and revoke any and all contracts, behaviors, patterns, and thoughts that are not aligned with my highest potential." Powerful stuff!

Practice-Lantern.jpg I AM Statements
The words that follow I AM create your reality. Choose them wisely. Choose what you want to manifest and how you want to feel, most importantly, after a conversation, experience, interaction, presentation, and so forth. Imagine how you want to feel at the end of your day. Imagine how you want to feel at Thanksgiving with family and friends. Imagine how you want to feel speaking your truth and shining your light. You can use I AM statements any time and any place. We find them most helpful to begin the day or in preparation for a workshop, class, speech, presentation or conversation. Examples:

  • I AM present with my interactions and choices I make today.
  • I AM aligned to my blueprint and feel fulfilled and on purpose.
  • I AM connected to my wisdom. I trust in my knowing.
  • I AM worthy and enough.
  • I AM grateful for the connection I feel to family and friends.
  • I AM supported and guided in every moment.
  • I AM powerful, strong, and beautiful, right now.
  • I AM a magnet for opportunities.
  • I AM amazed and in awe at the miracles and synchronicities that are flooding my day.
  • I AM inspired and energized for the ideas that come to me that give me the solutions I need. 
  • I AM healthy, strong, and resilient.
  • I AM human and gentle with my imperfectly perfect self.
  • I AM strong and grateful, experiencing abundance all around.