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One man's story of growth, illumination, and connection.

Charlie Forbes, Lantern Graduate

I first came to learn of Plenty Consulting, and their Lantern Leadership Model, when looking to find a strategy and leadership platform that challenged conventional approaches to leadership. I am currently working on my master's degree and needed to gain a little more insight into my strengths and weaknesses so that I could more aptly guide my passions into a more focused and constructive direction. But I was wary of antiquated models that emphasized competition, hierarchy, and separation as instruments for change, rather than valuing authenticity, collaboration, and community as more beneficial strategies for action. What I learned about myself, over the three-and-a-half days that I spent with the Plenty team, I will carry with me for many years. My mindset, in both a personal and professional capacity, has been forever changed. I truly feel that Lantern has helped me to translate an abstract, internal philosophy into a very tangible — and very real — blueprint for personal development.

A huge theme for me during the retreat was awareness. Much of the work that Plenty is doing revolves around redefining what leadership means, and how such a concept can be integrated into your life. But to redefine a word like leadership, also means to examine more closely the roles we play at work, in our home, in our personal relationships, or any other dimension of life that requires attentiveness and care. By introducing the Lantern backbone of Passion, Purpose, and Possibility, the Plenty team helped me to reinvent myself and become more aware of the ways in which I could become a better leader — in all aspects of my life. This involved rooting out destructive ideas I had built up around myself, creating a context for new thinking, and forging an avenue through which I could grow into my authentic self. I've learned how to become more productive, how to create a better atmosphere for myself and those around me, and how to maximize my potential. Plenty has taught me that being a better leader is one in the same with being a better person, and such a concept, I believe, will help change the collective character of this world.

The Plenty team did an excellent job at bringing together like-minded people to encourage, and foster, forward-looking leadership qualities. They facilitated a strong sense of community, provided a safe and nurturing environment for people to move outside of their comfort zones, which — in turn — allowed for stimulating and uplifting discussion. I was instructed on how to calm and center myself, how to shift my internal dialogue from an analytical headspace to an intuitive heartspace, and how to release perceptions that were no longer serving me. Plenty has showed me that dynamic, powerful, and sustainable leadership comes from within. There's no operating manual, no one-size-fits-all path to success. We need only to value our own unique gifts, follow our hearts, and decide what we want to do. The world is changing. And leadership is a frontier that is in need of great help. The work of Plenty, as their logo signifies, is creating a ripple effect that will continue to impact an innumerable amount of people over the years to come. Their process is empowering, and I am excited to see where it takes me. 

Charlie Forbes, 
Lantern Graduate, October 2016

"Plenty has taught me that being a better leader is one in the same with being a better person, and such a concept, I believe, will help change the collective character of this world."

Charlie Forbes

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