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When The Teacher Is You: Our Favorite Homeschooling Resources

The Plenty Team
May 3, 2020

For as long as we can remember, we’ve known the daily routine of packing our kids lunch boxes, getting them ready for the bus, and sending them off to school to be cared for under the guidance of everyday superheroes. Yes, we’re talking about teachers. 

COVID-19 has given us powerful and personal reminder of how extraordinary teachers are. Who would’ve thought that we’d be trading in our schedule of business meetings for midday field trips to the backyard, home science projects, and helping our kids learn algebra? With schools being closed around the country, kids and parents alike have had to adapt, learn, and grow in new ways. 

The Plenty of Coronacare community has crowdsourced their favorite educational resources for their kiddos during these times and we hope they help you embrace your own inner teacher.

  • Outschool: 8000+ video chat classes for K-12 science, art, mindfulness, English, social studies, life skills, and more.
  • Turtle Diary: Play educational kid’s games, computer games, printable worksheets and learning games online at turtlediary.com. 
  • UShistory.org: Free, reliable textbooks in US History, US Government, and Ancient Civilizations, written for high-school students.
  • Ducksters: An educational site covering subjects such as history, science, geography, math, and biographies. Pages are written to be easy to read and understand.
  • Education.com: Explore 30,000+ activities on Education.com. Discover practical worksheets, engaging games, lesson plans, interactive stories, & more. Progress Tracking. Pre-K through 5th Grade. 
  • Wide Open School: Free tools from leading education organizations to help students learn through the COVID-19 Crisis.
  • Varsity Tutors: Offers private and group tutoring, virtual summer camps, virtual school days, test prep, and virtual learning for all students and professionals. 

To all the parents out there, take a deep breath, you're doing great. We've got this!

And, to all the teachers out there: you are superheroes too. Thank you!

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