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The Power Of A Thank You

My mom was a stickler for thank you notes. Anytime my brothers and I received anything from anyone, we knew there would be a thank you note involved. At the time, I didn’t appreciate the importance of thank you notes. I just wanted to get on with enjoying whatever gift I had been given. Didn’t Aunt Florence know I was grateful for Vanessa, the Cabbage Patch Kid she sent me for Christmas? Didn’t Grandma Fisher know that the purple Izod sweater she gave me for my birthday made me feel like the coolest girl in school? Why did I have to express my gratitude in written form?

Somewhere in my late teens the act of writing thank you notes became second-nature. Receive a gift? Write a thank you note. Be the recipient of a kind gesture? Write a thank you note. My mom had trained me well.

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Share The Love

As fundraisers, hopefully we all know the impact of adopting an attitude of gratitude with our constituents. In case you forgot, let me give a little reminder. Even the smallest act of appreciation can strengthen our relationship with our supporters exponentially, which is why I like this quote:

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Because They’re Worth It

As a parent, I think a lot about gratitude. There are many things I aspire to teach my children, and being grateful is high on the list. They are lucky kids with a lot of family and love on their side, and I want to help them understand how important that is.

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Remembering To Be Grateful

Remembering-to-Be-GratefulSuffering is a path to learning and empowerment. I embrace the theory, however the practice is more problematic.

I had a tooth that felt a little achy and funny for bit, but thought, if there is no visible sign of problems, it will work itself out. Let’s just say, it did not. I dealt with shooting pain separated by periods of significant aching, and eventually succumbed and called the dentist at 8:00 a.m. and wound up with an appointment for 11:30 a.m.

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