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Your Glass Is Full

When someone uses the “glass half full” or “glass half empty” device to gauge another’s outlook on life, I get it, but there’s something tickling in the back of my mind that considers it a false choice. What about evaluating the glass, taking a moment or two to think about its contents, and then filling it up to the optimal level, wherever that may be?

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Plenty. One word. Short and sweet.

On its own, plenty is concise maybe even simple. Yet, like most words, in the context of a sentence or story its brevity is met with heavy connotations and strong emotion. A plain word in nature, when paired with others, is easily swayed from a hopeful tone to one of desperation and suffering. We see this when we talk about people with plenty of money, plenty of love, plenty of resources juxtaposed against those with plenty of sadness, plenty of troubles, plenty of pain. Plenty is no longer simple, it is now a symbol of the complex issues our world faces.

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There Is Plenty For Everyone

Over the last decade we’ve all experienced a profound lesson in scarcity. We’ve seen how perilous freedom is, and lived through the costs of trying to protect it. We’ve watched our tenuous relationship with nature come to a breaking point, in some cases, right before our eyes. And we’ve traversed the most difficult economic times in nearly 100 years. The wealthiest have been stretched while the poorest among us have been torn apart.

Nowhere has the impact been more visible than the nonprofit sector. With thousands of new nonprofits created each year and financial resources more limited than ever before, the sector has done its best simply to tread water the last five years. And for most organizations, it was the best we all could do to hunker down and protect what we had. Traditional fundraising wells appear to be running dry while organizations dependent on the government and corporate partnership are more endangered than ever before.

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What Is Enough?

I’ll admit that sometimes I have a problem with the word plenty.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am excited about our vision at Plenty for a future where there is plenty for everyone. I believe in this vision, and am thrilled to be working with a team of people and clients who feel the same way.

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Finding Balance

Finding-BalanceAwhile back I started meditating to several 21 day-long guided series by Deepak Chopra. In those series the theme of abundance comes up frequently. The message is nearly always the same — we can find peace, balance and fulfillment by witnessing and experiencing the world from a mindset of abundance and appreciation. This idea that my life is full of abundance is pretty easy to adopt when I think of how many people in this world are without the many things I too often take for granted: food, clean water, shelter, health, employment, supportive relationships, rights, education, resources, and the list only goes on.

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Who Has The Time?

Who-Has-the-TimeDo you wake up and your first thought is “No way I am going to get everything done I need to today”? I’m pretty sure it was the book The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist that pointed out to me that this means your very first thought is one of scarcity. Guilty, and then some. At least now I am aware enough to talk myself out of the panic and remind myself that, yes, the important things will get done, and the rest can wait.

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