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Unlocking Growth for Organizations and Idealists Like You

Don’t Settle, Grow

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”

It’s no secret that the past few years have been challenging for fundraisers. Many of our clients have seen their results stagnate since 2009, and they are just now beginning to invest in new ways to grow their peer-to-peer programs. At Plenty, we believe the time is right to start thinking – and dreaming – big again. We are always excited to partner with organizations that are looking to grow after several years of hoping to not lose ground.

Topics: Leadership

Excellence Starts At The Top

When you think of excellence, what do you think of? It’s silly to say, but I will anyway, at first I think of royalty – specifically, an image of a court member greeting his king or queen like they did over a century ago with a big, demonstrative bow and a roll of their plumed hat.

And then, I think of perfection. An attitude of expecting only the best from oneself, of acting from integrity, of having an acute attention to detail, of caring about one’s impact and how they made it.

Topics: Funding Leadership