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Emerging Trends in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

The leaves are changing color, the beach towels are back in the closet, and summer is receding into memory. That means that we’ve squarely entered the fall fundraising season. Most of our clients are gearing up for the end-of-year fundraising push at the same time they are in the middle of their autumn event season.

In busy times like this it is hard enough to keep pace with the work at hand, let alone look towards the future. Luckily for all of us, the annual Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits, taking place next week in Nashville, Tennessee, provides a welcome chance to sit down, take stock of the year, and unplug long enough to think about what’s next.

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Seven Things All Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Leaders Should Do

Seven-Things-All-Peer-to-Peer-Fundraising-Leaders-Should-DoAs peer-to-peer fundraising consultants we often get asked, “What is the silver bullet to building a successful P2P fundraising program?” Our answer is always the same: there isn’t one. The answer is more than flippant. It highlights that there is a complex process behind every effective program we see.

In fact, high-performing programs are the result of effective leadership, strategic efforts, and motivated teams. Our Seven Success Factor framework helps explain the most important pieces every P2P program leader should consider as the fall event season rolls-out and planning for next year continues.

Topics: Funding Leadership Strategy

How To Fix The Three Most Common Leadership Problems In Peer-to-Peer: Success Factor #7

If you’ve been following our blog the last several months you know that we’ve spent some time describing what we call the Seven Success Factors. These are the key elements we’ve found to be instrumental to successful peer-to-peer fundraising. We’ve discussed defining a clear strategy; identifying the target audience; creating a direct, compelling ask; creating a unique experience; providing exceptional service; and harnessing data in an intelligent way.

And while the first six are critical to your program’s success, the seventh Success Factor is the most important: leadership. You can see in the graphic below that leadership sits right in the middle. At Plenty we say that “leadership is in the middle for a reason” – without leadership, no amount of work on the fundamentals will matter. Without leadership, we will have efficient operations that do not achieve results.

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Your Next Peer-to-Peer Campaign: An Ask For The Head Or The Heart?

In a widely circulated article, Julia Belluz from Vox weighed in on the Ice Bucket Challenge to argue that the challenge is fueling donations out of proportion with the impact of ALS. To illustrate the point, she created an infographic showing the discrepancy between the dollars raised for specific diseases and the number of people who die from those same diseases. Her graphic highlights that “there are big gaps between the diseases that affect the most people and those that net the most money and attention.” She seems to argue that rather than give to causes that pull on their heart strings, donors should make giving choices based upon calculated impact, or what’s in their heads.

The infographic has garnered some attention as it outlines a perceived injustice to some worthy causes. However, to the team at Plenty, the article illustrates some basics of peer-to-peer fundraising that we work with everyday.

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Celebrity Ice Bucket Nominations and the Power of Peer-to-Peer

Let’s face it: your clothes are drying out, your newsfeed is returning to normal, and the ice tray in your refrigerator is full again. After taking over our summer, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is starting to slow down. But before we move on to the next fundraising phenomenon, we wanted to take one more look at one of the most viral peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns of all time – TMZ style.

The challenge that took the nation by storm transcended our immediate social circles to the networks of high profile celebrities and public figures. Everyone from Kate Hudson to Bill Gates to Dolly Parton picked up an icy bucket in the name of ALS. Some of those celebrities were following the herd, but a few were early adopters who helped bring publicity and momentum to the campaign. So we thought, why not map out how celebrities are connected to one another?

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After The Ice Buckets: How To Date Dave

As the incredible success of the Ice Bucket Challenge winds down, many are wondering, “What’s next?” This viral fundraising phenomenon created an influx of funds and new donors for several organizations. Now it’s up to those organizations to engage these new donors to create a new base of long-term supporters.

Cultivating new donors is like starting a new relationship. You have a short period of time to make a good first impression. The honeymoon period is exciting, but it’s also when someone will be forming their opinion of you and deciding if they want to keep you around for the long haul.

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