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Four Ways To Captivate Your Audience

If you find yourself dreaming of warmer weather these days, you’re probably getting ready to head to sunny Orlando, Florida, for the annual Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference. Or, at least you wish you were. If you are one of the lucky P2P professionals heading south for this week’s conference, pay attention to the presenters.

You may be attending the conference to network and gain useful peer-to-peer knowledge, but it’s also a great opportunity to advance your presentation skills. Whether you regularly present in front of a large audience or not, chances are that you need to convey something to someone at some point, and by paying attention to what other presenters are doing right, you can enhance your own skills.

While reading our tips below, reflect on your own presentation style. What do you do well? What could you do better?

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How To Set A Fundraising Minimum For Your Nonprofit Cycling Event

We’ve had a busy month at Plenty preparing for the upcoming Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference. We are leading a few sessions at the conference this year including a breakout session that covers how to set fundraising minimums to help you maximize your total revenue.

Fundraising minimums have long been a source of confusion for organizations as they decide whether or not they are right for their fundraising event, and if so, what the minimum should be. So we are taking the training wheels off and speeding ahead to take a closer look at the impact fundraising minimums have had on cycling events, and explaining how to effectively set a fundraising minimum so that your next nonprofit cycling event can reach new heights.

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How To Acquire, Recruit, & Retain Fundraisers In A Peer-to-Peer World

Spring is approaching (though you wouldn’t know it in Chicago!), which means that event season is too. Soon, you’ll pull out your running shoes from the depths of the closet, step out the front door into the fresh air, and face the harsh reality that your New Year’s fitness resolutions quickly took a backseat to Netflix. And just like you, your participants will also need to be coaxed out of hibernation to participate, donate, and fundraise for your event.

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How To Train Your Staff On Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

The Plenty team spent a lot of time traveling by planes, trains and automobiles last month. We were on the road to help our clients train their staff in the art of peer-to-peer fundraising. We came home inspired by the people we met and the discussions we had, and more certain than ever - it’s going to be a great year for peer-to-peer.

Now that we’re home, we wanted to share a few of our training topics with you, our peer-to-peer community. Peer-to-peer isn’t going away anytime soon, so if you haven’t embraced it yet, now is the time. Here are three things your staff should know in order to excel at peer-to-peer fundraising: 

1. How P2P Works
Before your staff can excel at peer-to-peer, they first need to understand how it works. Because it’s different than traditional fundraising, your staff should understand the nuances of P2P and the critical role both they and their fundraisers play.
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Four Mobile Messaging Apps For Millennial Fundraising Success

If the mainstream media were your FM dial, millennials would be the band blaring at you from every station, no matter how many times you press the seek button. We get it – you’re tired of hearing about millennial networks and the how’s, when’s, where’s, and why’s of their communications – and you probably want to stop listening. But no matter how much you love to hate the millennial media song, it’s topping the charts, and you owe it to your organization to know the words.

Millennials Mean Business
We’ve all come home to a family gathering at one point or another to realize that one of our little nieces or cousins (who was – we swear - just watching Barney episodes in the living room) has suddenly grown ten inches and gotten a driver’s license. Young people have a knack for growing into relevance overnight. 

And just like your niece or cousin, the millennial generation, too, has grown up. This year, the 18-34 year old segment of the population will

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Three Reasons You’re In P2P Fundraising – Even If You Don’t Know It

It’s no surprise that we are passionate about peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising. One look at our blog and services and it becomes clear that we are all about helping nonprofits understand and optimize their peer-to-peer fundraising programs and channels. Outside of our blog, you have probably heard the term peer-to-peer increasingly used over the past couple of years as nonprofits begin to recognize the potential of P2P and understand the basics of peer-to-peer fundraising. And as the landscape evolves and the concept of peer-to-peer dominates seminars, conferences, and yearly reports, you may be thinking to yourself - “this doesn’t apply to my organization” or “we’re just not in peer-to-peer.” Well, we are here to say – surprise! You are in peer-to-peer, whether you know it or not. 

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Three Project Management Techniques To Fuel P2P Fundraising Success

At its core, peer-to-peer fundraising is a simple concept – you ask your supporters to enlist their networks on behalf of your cause. Easy enough, right? But in fact, peer-to-peer fundraising has plenty of nuances and complexities that often require the perspective and experience of an expert practitioner.Here at Plenty, we spend a lot of our time staying up-to-date on the latest peer-to-peer trends, technology, and thinking. However, we often find that before we can address issues surrounding the peer-to-peer model for our clients, we first have to focus on their project management tools and processes. The complexities of P2P we mentioned earlier require solid project management support in order for them to function correctly. It is important that these tactics are present not only at the leadership level, but throughout all parts of an organization. Therefore, a key part of the consultation we give organizations centers on project management techniques that ensure planning, communication, and accountability for peer-to-peer programs are optimal at every level of the organization.

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