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How To Align Your Team On Hot-Button Issues

It’s February, which means that many of us are still trying to survive winter, including those of us in Chicago. Lucky for us we are heading to sunny Orlando next week for the P2PPF Conference and couldn’t be more excited to soak up some sunshine and amazing fundraising advice! For those of you who can't join us in Orlando this year, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on all of the great peer-to-peer fundraising content that will be shared, so we put together a sneak peek of some of the content we will be covering. Enjoy an exclusive look into our session: How to Align Your Team On Hot-Button Issues.

Topics: Leadership

What The Strongest Leaders Have In Common

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Knowing it’s tax season right now this phrase may seem especially true. But regardless of the time of year, I tend to agree with the notion that most things in life are unknown. At the same time, I also recognize that there are many moments throughout life that are experienced by many, cyclical, or inevitable. A great example of one such concept, and one that has been top of mind for me as we grow the team at Plenty, is the nature of leadership.

Topics: Leadership

The Missing Link Of Every Fundraising Toolkit

A number of factors set peer-to-peer fundraising apart from traditional fundraising, but perhaps the simplest distinguishing factor is the number of asks, and the varying nature of each.

First, an organization must ask their supporters to take an additional step after donating in order to support the organization's mission. These donors must then be asked to take action and to fundraise on behalf of the organization. It sounds simple, but many of us nonprofit veterans recognize that this can be a pretty tall order. Many folks – professional fundraisers and philanthropic idealists alike – are intimidated and sometimes even afraid of fundraising.

Topics: Funding

Your 3 Step Guide To Creating A P2P Strategy

We’re all connected – all the time. On any given day at any point in time each of us is intertwined in the vast digital presence also known as the Internet. In fact, due to networking tools like Facebook the “six degrees of separation” theory that suggests that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away from any other person has now been shortened to 3.57 according to Facebook. These connections and our overly digitized world bring with it infinite possibilities and an immense wealth of knowledge. But it's far more than an encyclopedia: it's an influential network that's built on sharing and connecting with others.

Nonprofit organizations have long since realized the potential of using digital tools to enhance their fundraising strategies, but only recently have they started to explore the potential of peer-to-peer fundraising. If you or your organization still feels in the dark when it comes to the concept of P2P you’re in luck because your organization can begin to harness the power of your supporter networks using these three questions to guide you. 

Topics: Funding

Quieting Your Mind: A Journey To Find Focus

For most of our human existence, we have been taught and culturally conditioned to believe that our intellect is one of the most important tools to sharpen, attend to, and grow. From a young age we are taught the importance of learning - the acquisition of knowledge and information. We are encouraged to go to school, to get good grades, to test well, and to demonstrate our smarts in everything we do. We are rewarded for our wit, our ideas, and our analysis of situations with respect, promotion, and admiration. The more we are rewarded, the more importance we place on the use of our minds.

Topics: Wellbeing

Hope Needs Help

Over the holidays my family was fortunate enough to spend a week in Florida. It was a treat and a relief to leave the Midwestern sleet and enjoy the amazing sun and warm air of the subtropics. 

We made it a road trip – we loaded the kids into the minivan and began our drive. It took almost two days, and I know that sounds agonizing to many. But I like the decompression that comes from traveling through the beautiful Kentucky and Tennessee countryside, and anyways, flying with four kids is cost-prohibitive and certainly not any less stressful!

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