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Winter Solstice: From Darkness to Light

As we head into the festive holiday season and wind down the year, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on the learnings and growth we have been gifted. With the Winter Solstice in play, we have the perfect opportunity to review and renew. Known as a pivotal day of transition, the Winter Solstice has been celebrated by thousands of cultures and communities across the globe since the beginning of time. The shortest day and longest night marks this magical moment and invites humanity to move out of darkness and into the light.

The Winter Solstice is one my favorite times of year when I rise early to meditate, reflect, journal, release, and set my intentions for the year to come. It is also the day that I prepare to lead an annual Winter Solstice Ceremony for the Park City community, something that has brought me deep joy over the past eight years. This evening we will welcome idealists, leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs and dreamers from around the globe to connect, learn, and inspire one another to make massive positive change, individually and organizationally. 

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Featured Idealist Spotlight: Heather Owen

According to the ASPCA, over 7.5 million dogs and cats enter into animal shelters each year. Of those, 2.7 million are euthanized due to lack of space and inadequate funding. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Chicago-based idealist Heather Owen, attorney-at-law turned top-dog pet-rescuer, about One Tail At a Time, a nonprofit aiming to lower kill-rates at shelters across the city and educate people on the benefits of the "adopt-not-shop" mentality. Heather gave me a peak behind the curtain of OTAT to see where they've come from, what they're doing now, and where they're headed next. 

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Presence: Going Beyond Your Brand

I recently had the opportunity to participate in Lantern, Plenty’s leadership workshop. Through this immersive experience, I discovered how my own passions and strengths can be aligned through Plenty’s Meridian model that is centered on passion and shaped by six other core pillars. One of the pillars is "Presence," or how we want people to feel and think when they interact with us or our organization. 

We explored Presence through a leadership assessment that incorporates both a self-assessment as well as feedback from managers, coworkers, and other professional peers. For several of the assessment’s focus areas, I found that my perception of my performance matched the perception of my peers and managers. For other focus areas, my own perception either exceeded or fell short of how others perceived my performance. While it feels obvious now, I realized that Presence isn’t just about my own output; it’s driven by how others perceive that output.

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The Secret to Saving the World

A few days ago, I heard a quote that made me pause:

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” – Simon Sinek

At Plenty, we believe that the center of strategy is passion, and those working in causes that they are passionate about are more effective and more impactful. Even outside of my work with Plenty, I wholeheartedly believe that all the work I’ve ever done has been rooted in purpose, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. So, while I'm not suggesting that Sinek was trying to spread anything more than positive inspiration, or that this idea can't serve as an evaluation tool for stress management, I would argue that working in the social space on a cause you care about will not eliminate your ability to become stressed from time to time. 

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What Your Lunch and Growth Strategy Have In Common

What does your day-to-day decision making process look like? You might consider how the options you’re weighing align with your personal values, your vision for yourself, and your role in your family, community, or workplace.

You may consciously apply this methodology to important decisions such as determining the next step in your career, or you may subconsciously churn through some of these components as you make a quick decision about what to have for lunch. Say you opt for the vegetarian plate with a plain iced tea at the local sandwich shop. While you may not have consciously thought through it, you made this selection because you were looking for a healthy and filling option that would support a local business and have a minimal impact on the environment. You may have not even realized it, but you’ve tapped into your Passion, Purpose, and Possibility to make your lunch decision.

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