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Featured Idealist: Jill Johnson

One could probably describe Jill Johnson in many ways — founder of Purity of Play, owner of The Paint Mixer, an exceptional skier...but the most accurate description would be abundantly joyful. Jill is an exuberant, vivacious person, full of light and energy, who makes you feel like you're getting to know each other while sitting side-by-side in a warm, luxurious coffee shop, instead of over FaceTime while you're in your frigid apartment and she's parked in her car on the side of the highway! Jill's work centers around creating spaces for self-expression, self-awareness, healing, and play through art therapy. She says, "Creativity is often overlooked or perceived as frivolous. However, it is an essential piece to life’s puzzle and whole-hearted living." Get inspired by Jill via my personal interview with her below...

Topics: Inspiration

The Year of Surrender

This blog post was supposed to be published on January 1st. We really meant it, too. We talked before the holidays about an inspirational post to start the year. The 1st came and went with our busy schedules and other priorities. Other activities, decisions, and commitments monopolized our attention. 

On Friday of the first week of the year, we talked again about the post, feeling the mounting pressure to write something inspirational and meaningful to help our fellow idealists. "We'll have no problem doing it next week," we thought. "We really need to get that done," we said. 

We created an outline and kept assuring our marketing manager that we were on it. Our own self-inflicted pressure began to build. The more we tried to work on it, the harder it was. Guilt and stress quietly stirred inside.  

Topics: Inspiration

Silencing the Noise

As we move deeper into winter I have been reflecting on warmer days, and in particular, one summer Saturday evening when we had the good fortune to get ourselves invited out on a friend's sailboat for an evening cruise. (If you remember only one piece of advice from our entire blog, let it be this: Make friends with someone who owns a sailboat.)

Our hosts created a fantastic spread of appetizers. As we ate and enjoyed a cocktail (or two), we motored out of the harbor and down the shoreline. We watched the houses reflecting the oranges and pinks of the sun setting behind us. 

Topics: Wellbeing

The 4 + 1 Very Easy Steps to an Ask

As the Co-Leaders of Plenty, we work with a wide range of clients. The groups range in size from annual revenues of a few hundred thousand dollars to nearly a billion or more; on the nonprofit side, the causes span from health to the environment to social change; the personnel vary from first-year volunteers to professionals who are true legends of funding. And yet almost everyone we work with has one problem in common: They don’t know how to ask for support. Even tenured professionals can find asking uncomfortable, awkward, and intimidating.

Topics: Funding

What if Happiness and Wellbeing Were Pursuing You?

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by the media and our own thinking about how to be happier, healthier and improve wellbeing, it can be extremely difficult to see that we may have it all wrong.

I opened my email this morning and was hit by “5 Mistakes you are…” “6 Reasons you are…” “10 Tips to…,” and the funny part about it was that most of the tips and guidance was contradictory.  I was sitting there dazed and confused from the battering I just took from others telling me how I’m doing it all wrong and how my life, health, and happiness could be better when it occurred to me - what if this "chasing health, happiness and wellbeing" stuff was all wrong? What if health, happiness, and wellbeing were actually pursuing us? What if we stopped the pursuit of happiness and wellbeing and, instead, got pursued?

Topics: Wellbeing