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After the Polls Close

Election years are learning opportunities, offering months of insights into the nation’s preferences, pain points, passions, and values. The 2016 presidential election proved to be a more challenging and divisive learning experience than in years past – and, perhaps, in modern history. Though the election’s impact on America has yet to be fully fleshed out, those with the foresight to study the election from start to finish now hold the keys to powerful findings regarding the evolving nature of democracy and national unity.

The Millennial Impact Report was one such prudent entity. Its team of researchers captured the election cycle through the eyes of some of the nation’s youngest voters, who are often as misunderstood and picked apart as the presidential candidates themselves. The Report’s newly published Phase 3 findings (which include late-stage and election month survey results) indicate that the 2016 election could be branded as “The Year They Lost Their Faith.” Here’s why.

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The Search for Stars

Have you ever asked a child to draw their world? It is interesting to see how the drawings differ depending on the age of the child. A three year-old will give you a few lines and maybe a circle for the sun. A five year-old will add in some people, some green grass, and maybe a rainbow. Or two!

But something happens in grade school. A third-grader will give you a picture of the round earth, and the sun and the moon, and maybe some planets and stars. Their's is a completely different "world" - instead of one centered on themselves, the older child draws their conception of a small planet moving around a massive solar system. 

I can remember my first trip to the local planetarium. I'm sure I was seven or eight years old at the time. I remember giggling when the lights went off, and then oohing and aahing as the stars lit up. I can even remember Carl Sagan's voice challenging me to reflect on the limitless cosmos. And in that moment the first seed of a frightening and profound thought was planted, "Wow, maybe the world doesn't revolve entirely around me."

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Maintaining Your Wellbeing & Idealism in Uncertain Times

Events of the last three months have left many people feeling hopeless and unsure of how to tackle the massive and interconnected challenges facing the United States, and subsequently, the world. But at Plenty, we understand that we cannot let the gravity of the present keep us from impacting the future  a future that we believe is filled with light, abundance, community, and collaboration. We recognize that while it feels like hope needs more help than ever before, it also feels like there are more idealists taking action than ever before too. 

I hear you though  adopting this perspective is sometimes easier said than done.

It is in this spirit that I want to share tips on how to nurture your wellbeing and mental health as you simultaneously maneuver the often intense, dark, and tumultuous political climate via your activism, idealism, and hope.

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Frugal Innovation in a Time of Plenty

I once watched the TED Talk of a man named Navi Radjou, who lived in Pondicherry, India. Growing up in an impoverished city with a dry climate, where water and electricity were in short supply, it seemed to Navi that living with less was the norm. When he grew older, he made the decision to travel from India to San Francisco.

Surrounded by the innovation and development of Silicon Valley, Navi was baffled. Office buildings remained lit at night. Research and development centers towered at grandiose heights, comparable to the nearby Californian mountains. It was unlike anything he had ever seen.

Although many were wooed by promises of advancement, Navi questioned how people in his new home could frequently and casually waste common resources. He thought back to his time spent in Pondicherry, when neighbors invented refrigeration systems made of clay or recreated common plastic litter into asphalt for road construction. In his experience, clever solutions were often born out of adversity.

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