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Autumn Equinox 2021: Balancing Dark And Light

Jennifer Mulholland
September 22, 2021
Welcome to the Autumn Equinox - the first day of fall when we have equal day and equal night, equal dark and equal light.
A day of stillness - of equilibrium - of balance.
A day when we can pause in the turning point - the still point - as we move into the coziness of the season.
We are asked to accept the dark and light that lives within us.
We are called to courage – to accept our shadow side as we look for the gifts it has to teach us.
Without the dark, we cannot appreciate the light.
Without the light, we cannot appreciate the dark.
On this day, may we journey within - accepting, noticing, and appreciating the dark and the light and all it has to teach us.
May we rise and become the light.
Get comfortable. Tune in and enjoy this guided meditation.


Words by Jennifer Mulholland, produced by Plenty. 


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