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Finding Balance

The Plenty Team
December 1, 2013

Finding-BalanceAwhile back I started meditating to several 21 day-long guided series by Deepak Chopra. In those series the theme of abundance comes up frequently. The message is nearly always the same — we can find peace, balance and fulfillment by witnessing and experiencing the world from a mindset of abundance and appreciation. This idea that my life is full of abundance is pretty easy to adopt when I think of how many people in this world are without the many things I too often take for granted: food, clean water, shelter, health, employment, supportive relationships, rights, education, resources, and the list only goes on.

And yet, I push on each day with the unconscious mindset that I need more.

But do I? Or do I have plenty? Plenty to not only survive, but thrive. Plenty to feel safe. Plenty to ponder a future. Plenty to meet my basic needs and then some. And in having acknowledged that, plenty to share. That’s the mindset of abundance I’d like to see the world get to — the belief that if you can meet your basic needs and then some, you have plenty to share. Imagine if you adopted that approach for your day-to-day actions. Whose lives might you impact? What wrong would you right? How would you improve your piece of the world one small act of kindness and generosity at a time? When we all come to truly believe that we live in abundance, we will see the power of plenty.

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