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Home For The Holidays

The Plenty Team
January 2, 2014

I saw a news story the other day that confirmed two of my long-held beliefs. First, that you can find anything you need on Craigslist. And second, that there is plenty for everyone.

A woman in California posted an ad on Craigslist in the hopes of renting a mom and dad for Christmas. With no family of her own and a childhood full of unhappy memories, Jackie Turner was hoping to turn things around this year. What she didn’t know is that while trying to change her own life she would change the lives of others as well.

Jackie heard back from several families in response to her ad and they all invited her to spend the holidays with them. She also, however, heard from several individuals who were in similar situations to hers and hoping to find families of their own for the holidays. What Jackie did next made all the difference: she organized an in-person meeting so these families and individuals could connect.

What I love most about this story is the real-life example it provides of how one person who takes action can so quickly and positively impact the lives of others. By posting that ad on Craigslist and then recognizing the opportunity that she had inadvertently created, Jackie set off a chain of events that resulted in a beautiful holiday story for herself and others.

There is plenty for everyone. We just need more people like Jackie Turner who are willing to take action and unlock the abundant potential all around us. What will you do this week to create abundance for yourself and others?

(You can read the full article and watch the interview here).

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