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Top Five Tips For 2014: Tip #3 Show The Impact Your Organization Is Making

The Plenty Team
January 8, 2014

[Editors Note: Over the holidays, in addition to consuming vast quantities of butter and potentially wearing a dangerous sweater or two, the Plenty team spent its time reading fundraising advice from the past year and combing through the numerous advice columns for 2014.

We thought we’d follow tradition and offer you our top five pieces of advice for the year ahead.]

Tip #3: Show the impact your organization is making.

At Plenty we believe there is more than enough abundance in the world to go around. Your organization’s fundraisers dedicate their time to unlocking this abundance in order to support your organization’s mission. While their commitment is unparalleled, the truth is, there are many fundraisers representing many worthy and important causes, and the greatest battle for any fundraiser is connecting potential donors to your organization and mission that the fundraiser cares about. Equipping your fundraisers with the right sound bytes to share, so that they can describe the impact of their donations and their donor’s donations, is critical to their fundraising success. Everyone wants reassurance they are making a difference!

Remember that your fundraisers naturally create their own peer-to-peer network of donors, which usually consists of their friends, family and colleagues. As this network grows, these constituents can become increasingly more disconnected from your mission and potentially more wary to donate. Pair this with our modern age of technology where donors are more educated and more discriminating than ever, and the need to show impact only heightens. These fundraisers and their networks research how organizations use the dollars they receive to decide whom they feel most comfortable supporting. Or said differently, who will do more with their donation. This can be a challenge, or an opportunity.

Make it easy for them to choose YOUR organization! Regularly share the tangible ways in which your donor dollars are being put toward fulfilling your mission. Show pictures, share stories, outline your plan already in motion for more change in the near future, and update it often. With such strong, on-going demonstrations of impact, supporting your organization over others will be a no–brainer for both your fundraisers and their donors!

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