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"Plenty is badass."

~ Tara Lee, Wounded Warrior Project

Working with Plenty is nothing short of adding to your team a startling level of depth, experience, insight and brainpower. Each Plenty associate is a perceptive collaborator who brings a strategic acumen and commitment to the issues you’re trying to solve. Plenty won’t necessarily tell you what you want to hear, but they will most assuredly jumpstart the possibility you might imagine for your organization. And they’ll be pushing you until your vision is realized.
Kevin Honeycutt, CEO   
Avon Breast Cancer Crusade

Over One Billion Dollars Raised

For nearly two decades, our team has worked with idealistic organizations to raise over one billion dollars through hundreds of peer-to-peer, experiential, digital, and traditional fundraising campaigns which have engaged millions of constituents. The organizations we work with are as diverse as the ways they make the world a better place. Yet, our clients have at least one thing in common: a desire to raise mission-fueling revenue by leveraging their networks of supporters. We are proud of our work and even more proud of the people and organizations we get to work with. A list of those organizations is below.

Nothing will ever replace the transformative power of human interaction.
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