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Rachel Gans Joins Plenty

Rachel Gans

Manager of Engagement

Pronouns: She/Her

Rachel has strong Minnesotan roots that now help her live her best life in the Pacific Northwest. She is an optimist who focuses on living and encouraging a holistically healthy life for herself and others. She is positive, passionate, has a giving heart, a can-do attitude and is a lover of the natural world.
Rachel graduated with a humanities degree focusing in psychology and Spanish.  She chose to spend most of her college career abroad, studying in Mexico & Wales. Professionally, Rachel dedicated over a decade to fundraising millions of dollars for non-profits by organizing events. This solidified her as a manager, motivator, and collaborator. Rachel is driven by the goodness that abounds within each of us and the collective possibilities we can create when we come together. 
Rachel is a connector, a people-collector, seeking all things beyond the surface. She is dedicated to a life of self-discovery and healing and is a Reiki and Breathwork practitioner. Rachel embraces adventure and new experiences. She leans into the magic of movement and has played various competitive sports, taught group fitness classes, coached, run marathons and completed every distance of triathlon.
As of late, she can be found in the epic outdoor playground of Oregon playing with her two daughters. She values being a present and peaceful parent. 
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