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Rhett Lindsay

Senior Consultant
Observant — Calm — Coach

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Our favorite coach doesn’t work for the NBA, NFL, or MLB - he works for Plenty as our Senior Consultant! Rhett has dedicated his life to guiding and reconnecting people to their most authentic passions and purposes. His desire to create deep, positive impact in communities led him here to Plenty, where he now develops and coordinates fundraising strategies for our clients.

  Hope will never be silent.   Harvey Milk

Prior to joining us at Plenty, Rhett worked as the Director of Fundraising Events at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. This was where he learned that the best strategy for peer-to-peer fundraising is to share your story. He often reminds clients, “Producing an impactful event is great for the community, but connecting people to each other has a greater reward.”

In his free time, you’ll find Rhett eating anything chocolate — or running, biking, and hiking to work off the chocolate. He gained his Bachelor’s in Public Relations at West Virginia University and now resides in Chicago, IL with his husband. 


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