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Sara Jo Malinske

Ambitious – Purposeful – Inclusive

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Whether she’s scaling one of the Adirondack’s high peaks or serving her community, Sara Jo tackles every challenge with her biggest asset: purpose. Her personal mission to create change has led her to fundraising positions with nonprofit organizations across the globe, from Chicago to Kenya, and ultimately to a consulting role here at Plenty.

  There's no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not live single-issue lives.   Audre Lorde

Sara Jo’s global experience informs her big-picture perspective of fundraising, which she views as an instrument of world changers, advocates, and idealists. She builds on this mindset and enables our clients to accomplish their missions through authentic, creative, and inclusive strategies and campaigns. In fact, she does the same as a key player in the fight for racial and economic justice, the de-stigmatization of mental illness, and equity for the LGBTQ community (ask her about the difference between equity and equality – she’ll fill you in).

When this feminist activist isn’t volunteering with local organizations such as Project Fierce Chicago, {she crew}, and The Transgender Oral History Project, you can find Sara Jo exploring native wildflower and prairie preserves, tuning in to the latest social theory podcast, and kayaking.

Sara Jo graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Sociology and minors in Nonprofit Management and Humanitarian Affairs.

Check out Sara Jo's tips and advice in her recent blog posts.

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