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Abundance for people like you.

The Lantern Model

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The Lantern Model

Lantern_Model-Blue_CMYK_081716.pngWe believe that leadership isn't about title, experience, industry, or education. And it isn't about being an infallible superhero. Leadership isn't about authority. Leadership is about authenticity.

With this in mind, we've built a seven-point leadership model and a rich curriculum to help leaders like you find and live your authentic blueprint.  We’ve used it with hundreds of executives, idealists, men and women and change-makers just like you.

The seven aspects of the Lantern model form the curriculum for the retreat. Each participant spends time discovering, learning, and exploring their own leanings and lessons in each area. Transformation, inside and out, awaits.


Passion is a force that infuses, ignites and radiates out into everything we do. We must align our lives with our deepest passions, and then bring them into form through our actions. It starts by asking, what do I care about? What moves me? Your passions are clues to your deepest calling.



Purpose outlines our core reason for being. Why do what we do? What is our mission at this time on the planet? What is on offer when we are living our purpose?



Possibility is our vision for change – the better world we are trying to build for ourselves and others. It is the highest outcome of what we can achieve. 



Presence describes our how we want people to feel and think when they interact with us. What is the impression I want to leave? What is my personal brand? And, literally, where am I present? Where do I show up?



Position describes how we articulate our talents and offerings. What makes me special? What are my unique strengths and skills?



People are the core ingredient to every relationship, team,  project or business. We are the sum of the people we hang out and work with. Who expands me? Who contracts me? 



Practice represents how we ground our passion, purpose, and possibility through action, behavior and discipline. What tools and daily positive habits do I need practice in order to be my best self? What is not working that I need to stop?

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