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Plenty Services: Retreats, Workshops, Coaching

How We Help

Our retreats, workshops, and coaching
help you make a difference in the world, to your company, and for yourself. 



Our acclaimed retreats are the centerpiece of immersive and transformational engagements for your team at HeartSpace, our retreat center in Park City, Utah. And if you're an individual looking to grow, we have retreats that can help you, too. 

Our two flagship retreats are Meridian, designed to help companies align around strategy, and Lantern, our leadership retreat for individuals. 

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Our interactive workshops bring Plenty to you in one to three-day engagements that include in-person experiences at your site or one near you. Connect, engage, and learn in a stimulating and productive experience tailored to your company's needs.

We also offer free workshops throughout the year at HeartSpace and around the country.

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Lantern June19 Refresh 500 x 350-3


Our executive coaching packages are designed to increase the growth of your organization, your people, and yourself through six and twelve-month engagements. It's long-term, applicable, and meaningful advice you'll actually use.

We offer individual and group packages for teams and individuals like you looking to grow in a meaningful, holistic, and powerful way. 

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Our retreats are four-day, all-inclusive experiences designed for individuals, teams, and companies. Held at HeartSpace, our retreat center in beautiful Park City, Utah. 

Meridian Icon-green-CIRCLE Meridian
Strategy Retreat

Connect to the heart of strategy with Meridian, the strategic process u
sed worldwide to unlock growth by incredible organizations like yours. Align your team around a plan you'll actually use and be amazed how personal investment translates in organizational results. 

Centered around a four-day experiential retreat in HeartSpace, Plenty's retreat center in Park City, Utah, Meridian includes qualitative and quantitative discovery, documentation and research, and expert facilitate that will activate your team, re-invent your approach, and align your leaders to take meaningful action that really makes a difference.

Used to create powerful social impact by incredible organizations.

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Lantern_logo_Circle_TransparentLantern Leadership Retreat

Shine your light at 
Lantern, our four-day leadership retreat for people like you. It's leadership for life. 

Lantern is hard to describe because it's not like any leadership class you've ever experienced. We'll take you inside and out to help you see your life with fresh eyes. You'll discover what you love and challenge yourself to lean in. 

Follow your curiosity, cultivate your courage, and more confidently navigate change with our immersive, enriching, and connective curriculum. Whether you're at the top of your game or deep in transition, Lantern will help you look at leadership – and yourself – in a whole new light. Our 2020 sessions are open now!


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Lantern II Logo 100pxLantern II Leadership Retreat

Lantern II is our annual leadership retreat for Lantern graduates. Held once a year every September during the Autumn Equinox, Lantern II is built on the powerful Lantern curriculum to help our graduates create even deeper, richer lives.

The entire experience is designed to help you refresh, reconnect, and renew. The Lantern II curriculum is open, contemplative, and relaxing – designed to create the space you need to recharge your goals and rejuvenate your passion. 

And you'll love the people you meet – with common dreams and common experiences, you'll make connections you'll stay close with all year long. Lantern II is the perfect gift for yourself, each and every year. 

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Lumeria icon-TEAL-CIRCLELumeria Wellbeing Retreat

Lumeria is Plenty's Wellbeing Weekend for Women. It is designed to take care of the caregivers -- to give back to the women who give so much.

In our work, we consistently meet powerful, bright, amazing women who are depleted. Exhausted. Undernourished. Stressed out. It's not right. And it's not sustainable – for you or the people you care for.

Experience a glorious weekend of self-care and soul-care, with meditation, yoga, time in nature, deep conversation, and healthy food. It's the ultimate experience in spiritual alchemy, designed to help you come into a healthy relationship with your body, mind, and soul. 

Move from self-care to soul-care with Lumeria.

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Lantern_logo_Circle_TransparentLantern For Teams

Ignite the potential of your team with a private session of
Lantern, Plenty's four-day leadership retreat in beautiful Park City, Utah.

Are you serious about creating a kick-ass team? Have you realized that the key to business growth is the personal growth of your people? Are you ready to accomplish something truly extraordinary, together?

Give your team the opportunity of a lifetime and watch them increase their confidence, find their unique leadership blueprint,  and come home - to themselves and each other - like nothing you've ever seen before. You'll be amazed at the connection, conversation, and camaraderie that will be established to help you grow your revenue, impact, and fulfillment. 

For teams of twelve to twenty. 

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Retreat Center

Your biggest dreams deserve the most beautiful canvas. Whether you are creating your culture, designing your strategy, correcting your course, looking to personally grow, or building something brand new, your work and life deserves special care.

HeartSpace is Plenty's beautiful, inspiring retreat center. We built it so that companies, teams, and people like you would have a place to awaken their biggest dreams and ground their deepest callings. 

Just thirty minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport, thirty yards from the new Hyatt Place Hotel, and three miles from two world-class ski resorts, you won't find a closer place to connect to nature, yourself, and your team.   


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Our in-person workshops bring Plenty to you in one to three-day engagements that are immersive, engaging, and inspiring. Hosted at your site or at a great off-site location near you.

Morpheus Icon-Orange-CIRCLEMorpheus Innovation Workshop

Innovate from the inside out
with Morpheus, an engaging creative development process for designing breakthrough brands, products, programs, concepts, and campaigns.

Brands are more than colors and logos. Concepts are more than gimmicks. Let us help you articulate your presence, embody your passions, and build a brand that can become a meaningful movement of good. 

Morpheus is one of our favorite services. Built on a series of three workshops, Morpheus is designed to help you innovate, ideate, and create. First, we'll help you pick the right cross-functional team to involve. Then, using discussion, left and right-brain activities, creative assets, video, and more, we'll stimulate your senses to help you design something amazing – and more importantly, we'll help you build buy-in and excitement along the way. 



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FiveKeys2018 - DarkerFive Keys Culture Workshop

In our experience there are five fundamental keys to healthy culture: strategy, leadership, wellbeing, community, and funding. When one or two get stuck, a team can grow stagnant. When three or four get stuck, an entire organization can become toxic. 

The Five Keys Culture Workshop is designed to help ask simple but powerful questions about the culture you have – and the culture you want. We'll facilitate a four-hour, interactive workshop with your team to understand their results of the Five Keys Culture Assessment and how they compare to thousands of other results in our database. Then we'll outline their areas of opportunities, and create a safe space to discuss their challenges so you can create the meaningful and measurable impact you need.

When your team starts saying, "Our culture isn't what is used to be," the Five Keys Culture Workshop is a good place to start.

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Myriad Icon-Orange-CIRCLE_200x200-1Myriad
Discovery Workshop

Let us help you see what is, now. Sometimes we have to agree on what the problem is before we can agree on the solution. Myriad is designed to help you and your team understand your current state from all angles: performance, revenue, customer behavior, culture, employee engagement, and more.

Whether your challenge is declining revenue, customer acquisition, understanding the competitive space, or building a more fulfilling culture, we'll bring together our deep expertise in analysis with a kind and wise heart to help you asses the right qualitative and quantitative data to get the whole picture.

We can conduct most Myriad workshops in only a day, onsite. It's an accessible, affordable path to insight that will fuel your growth all year long. 




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Creation Workshop

Every great organization is built on a compelling answer to a simple question: Who do you serve?

What do they need and want?
What do they care about?
Where do they reside? 

In this popular workshop, Plenty will combine analysis of your constituent data with the experience of your own cross-functional team to help you better understand consumer insights, identify opportunities, and design for your customer.

During an engaging day, we'll facilitate conversation that helps your team clarify its current personas and create aspirational targets for the future. A must for any growing organization. 

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People-LanternConscious Conversations 

Amazing things happen when people come together for the greater good. Join Plenty in Park City and around the country as we gather
amazing people like you to connect, share, learn, and grow.

Conscious Conversations is our year-round series of community gatherings. This is much more than a meet and greet. We will go way past networking to help you forge new relationships that you'll look forward to cultivating and deepening. Each Conscious Conversation has a different theme intended to enhance your self-awareness, presence, and power as you lead your life and live your path.

Join us in 2020 in Park City, Chicago, Boston, and Seattle. 

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Pleiadian-Icon-Purple-Circle Enlightened

Plenty's co-leaders Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck are accomplished speakers and present regularly to groups of hundreds and thousands around the country. Like our longer engagements, our keynotes are known to be inspiring, stimulating, and experiential – just the right addition for your next conference, seminar, or meeting. 

We can create a custom curriculum, or you can choose from one of the many popular topics we've been asked to address over the last year. 

Contact us for more details and availability.


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Our coaching packages are designed to increase the growth of your organization, your people, and yourself through six and twelve-month engagements. 

plenty-pandora--circle-iconPandora Executive Coaching

Unlock your potential.

Pandora is Plenty's personal executive coaching package. Engage in an intimate, personalized, and a powerful journey with guidance and support from Plenty's co-leaders.

We offer Pandora in either six or twelve-month packages. A modest monthly fee includes an in-person intensive kick-off at HeartSpace, regular virtual video coaching, and a seat to Lantern, our acclaimed leadership retreat.

What's possible for you?



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Compass_Icon_Blue_circleConstellation Mastermind Group

It's easier to find your true north when you're looking with people like you.

Find the support, guidance, and inspiration you're looking for with our year-long group mastermind group, new for 2020. Facilitated, curated, and led by Plenty's co-leaders, Compass is open to graduates of Lantern who are interested in going deep all year long.

Compass includes three one-and-a-half day in-person meetings, monthly video calls to explore real-life conundrums, challenges, and contemplations as your walk your life path, and ongoing resources for wakefulness and awareness.

Compass is limited to twelve people per class. We're saving a spot for you!

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Polaris Icon-Teal-CIRCLEPolaris Performance Coaching

Stay on course.

Polaris is Plenty's team performance coaching package, used by stellar organizations like Maker's Mark, Wounded Warrior Project, and Moffitt Cancer Center to drive results all year long.

Leverage Plenty's decades of expertise in strategy, leadership, branding, wellbeing, peer-to-peer, data analytics, and innovation. Polaris includes weekly or bi-weekly meetings, a virtual project management environment to share files and updates, and an in-person kick-off to launch your voyage right.

You've got big goals. Let's get there together.


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