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Our vision is a world in which there is plenty for everyone.

“Plenty” means abundance and happiness in purpose, wellbeing, resources, relationships, and sense of self.

Hope needs help. There’s more to do – children to clothe, people to feed, diseases to cure, liberties to secure.

And yet more than ever, the potential for profound transformation is within our reach. The same innovations and insights remaking our world can remake social impact, too. 

We now live in a peer-to-peer world. Our social circles and networks have expanded exponentially – and more profoundly, our ability to reach out to and mobilize those networks has expanded exponentially as well. 

At Plenty, we help idealists harness the power of networks, the possibility of community, and the potential of peer-to-peer so they can reach their potential, raise more money, build larger movements, and create a lasting positive difference in the world. 

There is possibility all around us, waiting to be unlocked. 

Let's create more from many.


Our Team

Open hearts, grounded in action. 

For nearly two decades our team has worked with idealists like you to raise almost one billion dollars through peer-to-peer strategies. Our passionate team of visionaries, seekers, thinkers, learners, analysts, and consultants have deployed their heads and hearts to develop the frameworks and methods to unlock human potential and create massive impact from networks of people.

We’d love to help you do it too!


Our Focus

We connect idealists with the tools, resources, and people they need to create massive positive change. 

What do we mean by “massive positive change”? 

Strategies transformed.
Models innovated.
Networks built.
Connections established.
Millions of dollars raised.
Movements mobilized.
Insights captured.
Worldwide impact created.
Lives transformed.

Peer-to-peer methods offer the potential to leverage large-scale networks on behalf of positive change. However, your existing revenue and leadership models need to adapt to realize this potential. We help our clients create the strategy, programs, and skills to make the switch.


Our Method

We are world-changers, not binder creators.

If you want a presentation and a bill, we’re not your group. If you want a team of passionate intellects ready to innovate, collaborate, and co-create – a group ready to call forth your biggest dreams and deepest passions – we’re ready for you.

We begin by clarifying your personal passions and tying it to your vision for a better world. We use that to clarify the unique strategic position of your organization – a clear way to articulate your impact.

Next, we help you take that position and mobilize the networks of constituents who care about your vision. Once we understand the audience, we help you create campaigns and products to mobilize them.

Most importantly, we ignite the knowledge and passion of your staff and stakeholders to help make it happen.

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