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Abundance for people like you.

We're here to help, right now.

We've helped thousands of conscious leaders and hundreds of mission-driven organizations like yours. Now, in this time of unprecedented disruption, we can help you navigate change, preserve revenue, and lead with integrity. 

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We unlock growth.

We help you make a difference for the world, your stakeholders, and yourself by unlocking the code to financial success, social impact, and personal happiness.


We co-create strategies, programs, events, and peer-to-peer campaigns that produce significant financial lift.

And, if your work has gone off track, we'll audit, optimize and transform it. 


We align teams, plans and brands to deliver long-term, transformative social impact.

And, if you're looking to integrate social purpose into your work, we'll help you create the idea, alignment, and structure you need. 


We align your efforts to your passions so your work benefits your soul as well as your financials.

And, if you are in transition looking to reinvent your way, your work or your life, we can help. 

What Our Clients Say

Kevin honeycutt-004273-editedWorking with Plenty is nothing short of adding to your team a startling level of depth, experience, insight and brainpower. Each Plenty member is a perceptive collaborator who brings a strategic acumen and commitment to the issues you’re trying to solve. Plenty won’t necessarily tell you what you want to hear, but they will most assuredly jump start the possibility you might imagine for yourself and your organization. And they’ll be pushing you until your vision is realized."

 ~ Kevin Honeycutt, Avon

KatrinaMcGhee_300_CroppedAt HeartSpace we were enveloped in a warm, soul nourishing setting that allowed us to unplug from the doing and just be. Coupled with Plenty's mastery of hearing our words and the whispers of our heart, we were able to unlock our deepest desires and highest possibilities, leading us in a bold new direction for our future."

 ~ Katrina McGhee, Principal, Katrina McGhee Enterprises & Consultant, Wounded Warrior Project

It may sound like a cliche, but Lantern, Plenty's leadership retreat, is life changing.  I know that's a big leap to say life changing, but I think you can see it at the end of the time together. You're forming some incredible bonds with people that have different temperaments and talents and convictions and that's a needed, exciting and impactful thing to and experience."

 ~ Craig Sondalle, CEO, Senter Group