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Let's Talk
Let's Talk

Abundance for people like you.

We help you make a difference for the world, your stakeholders, and yourself by unlocking the code to financial success, social impact, and personal happiness.


We co-create strategies, programs, events, and peer-to-peer campaigns that produce significant financial lift.

And, if your work has gone off track, we'll audit, optimize and transform it. 


We align teams, plans and brands to deliver long-term, transformative social impact.

And, if you're looking to integrate social purpose into your work, we'll help you create the idea, alignment, and structure you need. 


We align your efforts to your passions so your work benefits your soul as well as your financials.

And, if you are in transition looking to reinvent your way, your work or your life, we can help. 

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Let's turn the key to growth. 

On second thought, let's turn all five.

We unlock growth in revenue, impact, and fulfillment through a holistic approach that targets five key components to make sure your success is real, meaningful, and lasting.

And measurable – our engagements create growth of 15%, 30%, 50% or more. 

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Why choose Plenty?

We’ve coached thousands of leaders to find their best selves, helped hundreds of organizations transform, and unlocked over a billion dollars in revenue growth for social impact.

We harness head and heart.

We love smarts — but smarts are only part of the answer. To change the world, you need intellect and intuition. You need heart. We activate and align your head and heart to create passion-fueled growth that lasts.

We'll awaken your consciousness. We'll inspire your idealism. 

We're more than tactics. 

There's no silver bullet. There's no magic pill. There's no quick fix. 

Tactics are important, but tactics aren't enough. Organizations are made up of people. Meaningful organizational growth requires sincere personal growth. We work with your culture as much as your strategies to ensure your success is meaningful, transformative and sustainable.

We're better together. 

We work with you the way we work within our own firm: together.

Creating alignment is one of our highest intentions. When we are aligned, we are more efficient, effective and fulfilled. We pair our insights and perspectives with yours through services and retreats that break down your silos, engage your people and elevate the impact you're trying to make.

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Passionate Packages. Powerful Results.

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Discovery & Analytics

See what is through our acclaimed discovery, analytics, and assessment service. Audit your current state and learn what's possible. Understand revenue, expense and client trends, surface constituent insights, and identify growth opportunities to inform your strategy.

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Strategic Planning

Connect to the heart of strategy with Meridian. Inspire and engage your  leadership team with the unforgettable strategic process used to unlock growth by incredible organizations worldwide.  Align your team around a plan you'll actually use and be amazed how personal investment translates in organizational results. 

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Innovation & Concept Design

Innovate from the inside out with Morpheus, an engaging creative development process for designing breakthrough brands, products, programs, concepts, and campaigns.


Leadership Retreat

Illuminate the leader withinWhether you are happy with where you are, ready for something more, or looking to entirely reinvent yourself, Lantern is for you. Shine your light and live into your authentic blueprint with our acclaimed three-day leadership retreat. It's leadership for life. Held three times annually at our retreat center, HeartSpace, in Park City, Utah.

Abundance for people like you.

We actualize abundance in revenue, impact, and fulfillment for people like you.

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Wellbeing Retreat

Nourish your body, mind and soul during Plenty’s wellbeing retreat at HeartSpace, in Park City, Utah. Lumeria is three days of self-care, wisdom and personal growth all tailored to help you rest, replenish and be in right relationship with your whole self.

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Team Coaching

Stay on course. Leverage Plenty's decades of expertise in strategy, leadership, wellbeing, community and funding. You've got big goals. Let us help you get there. 


Culture Creation

Find your true north with Compass. Unlock the Trinity of Alignment: your business needs, your team's skills and your collective passions to create a culture you're proud of. 

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Executive Coaching

Unlock your potential. Engage in an intimate, personalized and powerful journey with gentle guidance and support from Plenty's co-leaders. Six or twelve-month personalized packages are offered.

Not sure which package is right for you? 


Welcome To HeartSpace

Open your heart at our retreat center in Park City, Utah. It's designed with love to help you live into your highest possibility.

About HeartSpace

We help idealists. Like you. 

Our clients are idealists. They are change-makers, dreamers, visionaries, and seekers driven to create a better world. 

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Our united mission is to awaken consciousness and inspire idealism. We are so grateful to work with awake and aware people to create a better world. The best is here and the best is yet to come!"

Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, Plenty's Co-Leaders


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