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Our vision is our name.

Scarcity doesn’t scale. We aren’t competing with each other. We’re competing with the idea that there isn’t enough to go around.

We help you unlock abundance in three fundamental areas.

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We co-create strategies, programs, events, and campaigns that produce significant financial lift.

And, if your work has gone off track, we'll help you audit, optimize, and transform it. 



We align teams, plans, and brands to deliver long-term, transformative social impact.

And, if you're looking to integrate social purpose into your work, we'll help you create the idea, alignment, and structure you need. 



We align your efforts to your passions so your work benefits your soul as well as your financials.

And, if you are in transition looking to reinvent your way, your work or your life, we can help. 

We work with amazing 
companies like yours.

Conscious leaders and idealistic organizations around the world turn to Plenty to help create strategies, movements, teams, and brands that make a positive difference.

Jim Beam
Creating powerful social impact strategy through our Meridian process
Creating and launching the Carry Forward series through our Morpheus innovation process
Facilitating and speaking to thousands at the PMDMC conference
Creating and launching the Panda Paddle series through Meridian and Polaris
Fidelity Logo2-Inverted
Fidelity Charitable
Clarifying values and inspiring collaboration through the Five Keys of Growth
Maker's Mark
Building social impact into an iconic brand with Meridian
Project AWARE
Creating alignment and social purpose growth through Meridian & Compass
mos logo - white space
Museum of Science
Creating new revenue streams with our Morpheus innovation process
Cruzan Rum
Rebuilding St. Croix and pivoting a brand with Meridian
Creating long-term funding growth through Myriad
Tough Mudder
Identifying and onboarding a new social impact partner
Invisible children
Invisible Children
Charting a new way forward through Merdian
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When you're ready for different results, you need a different kind of consultant. 

Our experiential workshops, retreats, and coaching combine the best parts of your head and heart to raise your results. And your consciousness.  



Our workshops bring Plenty to you in one to three-month engagements that include in-person experiences at your site.
  •  Myriad Icon-Orange-CIRCLE
  • Myriad:
    Discovery & Audit
  • Morpheus Icon-Orange-CIRCLE
  • Morpheus: 
    Innovation & Concept Design
  • Compass_Icon_Blue_circle
  • Compass:
    Culture Creation



Our executive coaching is designed to increase the growth of your organization, your people, and yourself through six and twelve-month packages.
  • Polaris Icon-Teal-CIRCLE
  • Polaris:
    Ongoing Advisement and Coaching for Teams
  • Pandora Icon-Red-CIRCLE
  • Pandora: 
    Executive Coaching for You

Your Way 

Do you need a customized solution? We can create a personalized engagement for and with you.
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One Day

Our workshops connect you with other like-minded seekers, leaders, and learners to open your heart and help you grow. 
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When you're ready for personalized and dedicated mentorship to help you up-level your performance, relationships, and life, our  executive coaching is the perfect fit. 
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Six-to-Twelve Month 

Life Coaching
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Your Way

We're here for you. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us. We'd love to help you grow. 
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Why choose Plenty?

We’ve coached thousands of leaders to find their best selves, helped hundreds of companies transform, and unlocked over a billion dollars in revenue growth for social impact.


We put consciousness at the center.

You can't change the world until you are awake and aware. And when you want to grow your company or team, you have to start with yourself. 

We help people like you grow from the inside out. We start by helping you clarify what you care about, and why. And if you don't know what you care about, or where to start, we'll help you discover what really matters most. 


Our approach is holistic.

There's no silver bullet. There's no magic pill. There's no quick fix. 

Tactics are important, but tactics aren't enough. Sustainable growth is multidimensional – just like people. It's not enough to look at one aspect of your business. We help you see the inputs, the outputs, and the interdependencies of your work to understand how it all fits together – and needs to.


We believe in the power of process.

That's the reason we built HeartSpace, our own retreat center, in beautiful Park City, Utah. Inspiration doesn't come from a board room; wisdom doesn't come from a PowerPoint. We'll help you get off the hamster wheel to gain fresh perspective, listen to your own insights, and reveal the abundance that's waiting for you.
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Welcome To HeartSpace

Open your heart at our retreat center in Park City, Utah. It's designed with love to help you live into your highest possibility.

About HeartSpace

We help people like you. 

Our clients are change-makers, dreamers, visionaries, and seekers who want a better life and a better world. 

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Our united mission is to awaken consciousness and inspire idealism to create a better world. We're so thankful to work with the amazing people and companies that we do. The best is here and the best is yet to come!"

Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, Plenty's Co-Leaders


We'd love to help you. 

Abundance is all around. 

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