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We can help right now.

The intertwined health, economic, and racial injustice crises of 2020 have disrupted every aspect of society.
In this time of unprecedented change, we are here to help conscious leaders like you.

We have tailored our services to provide you with immediate advice, timely analysis, and rapid response. 

Navigating Change

  • Rewrite your strategy to be more flexible and resilient
  • Tailor your messaging and statements of impact to stay authentic, relevant, and timely
  • Understand what is coming next to prepare for a different future

Preserving Revenue

  • Quickly understand your financial situation
  • Adjust income streams to stay solvent and preserve scale
  • Making conscious decisions about your spending and impact
  • Build virtual communities to increase your engagement and support

Leading Consciously

  • Executive coaching to read the landscape and navigate decisions
  • Find your voice to lead and live your values out loud
  • Adapt to lead a virtual workforce in this period of crisis
  • Mindfulness and wellbeing resources to stay grounded amid change


We also have a set of resources, meditations, analysis, and coaching tools to help you navigate this time of change. 

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In two weeks nearly 3,000 people have joined this free community. Wonderful people are sharing thoughts, inspiration and ideas.
We invite you to join us.
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A better world.
A better you.

Our services help you make a difference in the world –
and love every minute of it. 

Project AWARE Social Purpose


Make Your Difference

You want your business to do well and do good at the same time. And it can. 

Move beyond short-term donations and cause marketing gimmicks to create real social purpose strategy that makes a difference to the world – and your financials. 

We'll help you create the idea, alignment, and structure you need to integrate social purpose into your products, services and work. And we'll create the plans and partnerships to help you deliver long-term, transformative social impact in the world.

  • Social purpose strategy
  • Impact assessments
  • Cause partnerships
  • Campaign strategies
  • Governance structures
  • Funding and capital models
Conscious Leadership


Lead Your Life

You want to make a difference in the world. And, you want to surround yourself with passionate people who are wired to do the same.

A new world needs a new kind of leader. Step back from stress and striving to create the kind of culture and team you really want.

We'll align your efforts to your passions so your work benefits your soul as much as the world. And, if you are in transition looking to reinvent your team, your company, or yourself, we can help. 

  • Leadership retreats
  • Culture and team building
  • Wellbeing and mindfulness tools
  • Organizational and team values clarification
  • Executive coaching
WWP Carry Forward


Mobilize Your Movement

Your work deserves more than donors and customers. In our networked world, you need a movement that will grow along with you.

The key is knowing that movements are made of people. Peer-to-peer really means passion-to-passion. Who cares about what you do, and why?

We'll bring our industry-leading experience in peer-to-peer to help you increase your revenue, your reach, and your impact.  And, if your work has gone off track, we'll help you audit, optimize, and transform it. 

  • Fundraising strategy
  • Revenue and constituent analytics
  • Persona insights and creation
  • Event and campaign concepts
  • Campaign coaching and launches
  • Vendor and software selection

We work with amazing 
companies like yours.

We’ve coached thousands of leaders to find their best selves, helped hundreds of companies transform, and unlocked over a billion dollars in revenue growth for social impact.

Jim Beam
Creating powerful social impact strategy through our Meridian process
Creating and launching the Carry Forward series through our Morpheus innovation process
Facilitating and speaking to thousands at the PMDMC conference
Creating and launching the Panda Paddle series through Meridian and Polaris
Fidelity Logo2-Inverted
Fidelity Charitable
Clarifying values and inspiring collaboration through the Five Keys of Growth
Maker's Mark
Building social impact into an iconic brand with Meridian
Project AWARE
Creating alignment and social purpose growth through Meridian & Compass
mos logo - white space
Museum of Science
Creating new revenue streams with our Morpheus innovation process
Cruzan Rum
Rebuilding St. Croix and pivoting a brand with Meridian
Creating long-term funding growth through Myriad
Tough Mudder
Identifying and onboarding a new social impact partner
Invisible children
Invisible Children
Charting a new way forward through Merdian
IMG_2838 copy_1600wide

When you're ready for different results, you need a different kind of consultant. 

Our experiential workshops, retreats, and coaching combine the best parts of your head and heart to raise your results. And your consciousness.  

Social Purpose Strategy

Intentional Brand

Purpose-Driven Culture 

Social Impact Assessments




Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Concepts and Management

Revenue and Constituent

Passion-Fueled Culture

Vendor and Software Selection


Mindful Leadership

Executive and Team Wellbeing

Passion and Values Clarification

Building and Culture Creation

Purpose-Driven Masterminds

Let's unlock abundance. 

Get started by choosing the approach that works best for you.



Our acclaimed retreats are the centerpiece of structured engagements that include transformational experiences for your team at HeartSpace, our retreat center in Park City, Utah.


  • Three to six months
  • Three-day offsite experience
  • Weekly virtual meetings
  • Digital project management and analytics environment
  • Written deliverables
  • Deep and immersive
  • Priced on a monthly retainer

Perfect For

Organizations looking for consulting on large-scale issues:

  • Strategic development
  • Product and campaign launch
  • Turnaround
  • Culture reinvention

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Our interactive workshops bring Plenty to you in one to three-day engagements that include in-person experiences at your site. Connect to insight and make lasting decisions in a stimulating environment. 


  • One to three days
  • Onsite at your location 
  • Virtual kick-off
  • Upfront digital assessment and analytics
  • Written deliverables
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Priced on our day rate

Perfect For

Teams looking for responsive skill-building and decision-making:

  • Fundraising and impact assessments
  • Persona creation
  • Culture diagnostics
  • Team alignment
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Jennifer Mulholland Jeff Shuck


Our executive coaching is designed to increase the growth of your organization, your people, and yourself through six and twelve-month packages. Long-term advice you'll look forward to every week.


  • Six to twelve months
  • A one-day offsite kick-off
  • Bi-weekly virtual meetings
  • Digital project management and analytics environment
  • Ongoing deliverables
  • Regular and reliable
  • Priced on a monthly retainer

Perfect For

Teams and leaders needing long-term consulting and assistance:

  • Executive coaching
  • Campaign launch
  • Organizational reinvention
  • Team mentoring
  • Ongoing skill-building
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Our mission is to create a world of plenty for everyone. We aim to awaken consciousness and inspire idealism to create a better world – together.  Hope is help, and we are so grateful to work with the hope helpers like you."

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Abundance is all around. 

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