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Jennifer Mulholland


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Since I was born, I have been dedicated to raising the consciousness of people on the planet. My professional journey has explored realizing and grounding that calling through innovation, entrepreneurship, coaching on and off the field, healing practices, human potential, and business strategy.

I am a third-generation female entrepreneur with a deep healing, wellness, and energy medicine lineage. My mother and grandmother were tennis professionals and my grandmother in 1970, invented the first tennis ball machine called Ball-Boy. My grandmother was also a third-degree Reiki healer, and since the age of ten, my mother introduced me to many natural medicine and healing modalities.  I am a certified Reiki and Theta healer with training in quantum physics, dream interpretation, intuitive development, Chakra and energy clearing, Jungian Psychology, Native American healing traditions, vision quests, and metaphysical, spiritual practices. I bring this training and empathic sensing to the leadership development and strategy work at Plenty.

I moved west to be close to the mountains after a long athletic career on the east coast. I was fortunate to be a Division I lacrosse captain, a field hockey player at the University of Delaware, and an All-American for John Jay High School in New York.  Upon moving west, I earned my degree at the University of Utah in Exercise and Sports Science, Psychology, and Coaching, with multiple certifications in leadership, executive coaching, mindfulness, healing, and wellbeing. Inspired to continue my love of women's lacrosse, I founded my first non-profit and have been recognized for bringing the sport to Utah.

My early corporate career led me to Campus Pipeline, a startup technology company dedicated to revolutionizing higher education by unifying the digital campus worldwide.   I can proudly say we did just that – over 3,000 .edu campuses were wired through our enterprise software. Through many acquisitions and a decade of tenure, I led professional services and global innovation for SunGard, a Fortune 500 company. I created their Innovation Framework that was adopted by 80 business units and is still in use today.

A health issue helped me take a step back and reflect on whether I was living my mission for making a difference. While I had a fantastic job and work was fulfilling in many ways, I was spiritually in the closet. After a lot of soul-searching, I decided to leave the corporate world and follow my entrepreneurial and healing lineage. For another decade, I founded several companies focused on executive coaching, technology, and community creation for wellbeing. My experience and appetite for business strategy, innovation, wellbeing, and spiritual alchemy is woven into everything we do at Plenty today. 

I have been a proud Park City local for thirty years with my husband, two children, and Goldendoodle. My nature spirit thrives in the majestic beauty of "America's best mountain town" with skiing, biking, SUP'ing, camping, photography, and annual visits to our family cabin in the woods on Rangeley Lake in Maine. 

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You are enough. Just as you are. Right now.  You have been perfectly prepared for this moment. Every past learning has led you presently here.


You can trust your heart, your instincts, and your intuition. The quiet whispers deep within are nudging you to your truth.


You can let go of needing to figure it all out. You won’t. You can’t. You don’t need to.


Follow your joy. Notice what puts a smile on your face. Notice where you lean in. Explore your curiosity. It is guiding you and calling your best self forwards.


You are more powerful than you've been led to believe. 

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