Create The Mindful Business You'd Love To Work At

You don't live a "professional life" and a "personal life." You live one life.
So shouldn't your workplace reflect the fulfilling and uplifting environment you imagine?
Using the principles of conscious leadership we outline in our new book, Leading With Light, you can create the calmer, more centered, and more successful business you deserve.

The old way of working doesn't work anymore.

After the last few years of unprecedented disruption, organizations have reached a cultural breaking point. Many corporate workplaces have become frustrating, stressful, and counter-productive. 

Wall-to-wall meetings. Departmental silos. Dysfunctional communication. Unachievable goals. Never-ending change. Are you and your team members feeling isolated, discouraged, and ready for something more?


You deserve something better.

More than ever, people are embracing mindfulness tools and techniques to help manage stress, overcome anxiety, and increase performance.

Your team is probably already using meditation, visualization, journaling, immersion in nature, and deep listening to help unwind and recharge when they get home.

So why not harness those same practices at the office, too? 

Our thoughtful, conscious approach will dramatically transform your culture and your results. 

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Principles you can understand.

We get it – you don't have time for another set of unrealistic expectations. And your team doesn't want a laundry list of a dozen principles they can't remember. 

We make mindful business simple with three basic, profound ideas: becoming more aware of what works for you, more aligned with what matters most, and more intentional in your choices.

It Doesn't Have to Be Hard

We Make It Easy

In as little as two days, we can help you bring mindfulness to work and transform your culture.


Clarify What Matters

In our discovery process, we'll help you and your team understand your current culture and inspire you to imagine what is possible.


Align On What's Important

During our workshop – onsite or online – we'll help you articulate a shared vision and agree on how to move forward consciously.


Achieve Your Dreams

We'll leave you with the plan, the mindfulness tools, and the shared commitment to make your workplace the calm, constructive culture you want.

Yes, it works. 

We've heard every objection in the book.

"My team doesn't like anything that is too woo-woo."

"We're too stressed and busy to take time for this."

"We prefer conversations that are more analytical." 

But every single time we ask a leader like you to trust us to introduce mindful management to their team, we hear, "My only regret is that we didn't do this sooner." 

Isn't it time to bring more wellbeing to your work?



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"Plenty's process was truly insightful and inspirational! The approach was not only uplifting, but also galvanizing for our team – resulting in true alignment and conviction for our future."
Traci Franko
HR Director, Wells Enterprises
"Plenty was exactly what our team needed to achieve our full potential. Their human and heart-led approach to our business was refreshing – especially during such a cynical, polarizing time in the world – inspiring us all."
David Reardon
David Reardon
Brand Manager, Maker's Mark

Mindfulness isn't a wonder drug. It's better.

We Can Help

Experience you can trust. 

Plenty's principals have decades of experience in business and mindfulness – combining years of management acumen with the deep practice of mindfulness, healing, and spiritual disciplines. 

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A setting you'll love.

We're happy to oblige if you need us to come to you – or want to work over Zoom. But when you're ready for something unique, refreshing, and uplifting, we're prepared for that, too. Our private retreat center, HeartSpace, is waiting to nurture your biggest dreams.

The Time Is Now

Let's talk about your challenges and how you can use mindfulness to make your business more rewarding, more fulfilling, and more successful.

We're Ready When You Are

It's Time to Make Your Business Mindful