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Jeff Shuck


I've dedicated myself to the fundamental belief that each person plays a part in the world and that each part matters. I've always been interested a holistic take on life, and that's taken me down a variety of different paths – working, waiting, wandering, and wondering. I've never met a hobby I didn't like, and I'm grateful that my work at Plenty blends a variety of different disciplines, from business strategy to analysis to art to leadership. 

In my early career I worked in leadership development, creating curriculum on values for college students. I felt the pull of art and entrepreneurship at an early age, and spent a few years as an independent artist, singing and song-writing for a small record label. 

After a few fulfilling and yet long years of recording, gigging, and performing, I could feel myself searching for something else. When friends offered me the opportunity to move to Utah to be a part of the first internet boom, I jumped at the chance and became one of the early members of Campus Pipeline. It was a jump into the deep-end of the start-up culture and the place where, notably, I met my co-leader Jennifer Mulholland. 

Fate intervened in the form of a cancer diagnosis that took my mother's life in 1999. I could hear the world calling me to step more directly into social impact. I left Campus Pipeline and became the VP of Productions for the fundraising firm Pallotta Teamworks, responsible for the planning and production of all the company's events.

The experience at Pallotta Teamworks, in turn, turn led me to co-found my own firm, Event 360. For 11 years I served as CEO of the 200-person firm. We raised nearly a billion dollars for charity through creating and producing large-scale fundraising events. During that time, I came to understand that revenue problems are really strategy problems, and strategy problems are really people problems. As such, revenue strategies can only go so far. Ultimately, that realization compelled me to step further into creating true impact, and Plenty was born. I founded Plenty in November 2013.

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Rochester and have MBA from Kellogg School of Management. I also earned a second masters degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern. 

I live with my wife and four children in Michigan City, Indiana. It's a heavenly spot; come visit and see. I'm most fulfilled when I stimulate my heart and mind in a variety of ways, so I passionately pursue a variety of interests from piano to windsurfing to weightlifting to wine. I love water in all forms and you'll find my in front of Big Water every chance I get. And I'm grateful that music continues to play a big part in my life – you can hear some of my latest compositions in Plenty's videos and meditations, and through a couple of different projects you can find online.

I'd love to talk with you more about what you're looking for and how we can help. Feel free to schedule a meeting with me here

It could be that you have nothing to offer — no skills, no talent, no prospects, and all of the doubts you harbor about yourself are pretty much true.


Or it could be that the world has deep needs that you are uniquely qualified to address. It could be that you were put on this earth to be the exact right key for a specific lock of transformation which will remain tightly shut without your part. It could be that you are the precise bit of effort needed to push the needle of change on the human condition a bit more towards justiceequality, and happiness.


Which is it?

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