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Jeff Shuck

Co-Leader and Chief Executive Officer
Passionate — Driven — Idealistic

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As CEO of Plenty, Jeff believes we all have the ability to create a better world. For almost two decades, Jeff has been a motivator and thought leader in the nonprofit space. His specific areas of focus include nonprofit strategy and brand positioning, mission-based leadership, experiential and peer-to-peer fundraising, segmentation and forecasting, network modeling, and constituent analytics. His expertise has been featured in a variety of publications including Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Marketplace, and Sports Illustrated. He writes extensively for our blog, too - you can find his posts here.

  They can because they think they can.   Virgil

Prior to founding Plenty, Jeff served the team at Event 360 for eleven years as its CEO and co-founder. Under his leadership, the Event 360 team produced more than 200 fundraising events and raised nearly a billion dollars for nonprofit organizations. Before founding Event 360, Jeff was Vice President of Productions for Pallotta Teamworks, leading the production and implementation for the firm’s entire roster of events.

Jeff’s experience is informed by an undergrad degree from the University of Rochester and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. He has extensively studied predictive analytics at Northwestern University, and was recognized as one of Evaluate for Change's Top Ten Nonprofit Data Nerds of 2014 (we think they were serious). He holds a Certificate in Fund Raising Management from IUPUI. Jeff has been a director of the Giving Institute and has served on the boards of the ACLU of Illinois and Invisible Children. 

This eternal student finds that what makes him happiest is dark coffee, writing music, windsurfing, sifting through data, Legos with the kids, the Colts winning, and the sound of waves. Lucky enough, Jeff is only a stone’s throw away from the beautiful beaches in Indiana, and enjoys his time there with his wife and four kids.

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