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Times are tough.


Year-end fundraising doesn’t have to be.

Oh sh*t! Giving Tuesday is fast approaching.

For many nonprofits, the typical year-end fundraising sprint has gotten tremendously more difficult.

The pandemic, the economy, the election, and the ongoing work for social justice have made the Giving Tuesday and year-end fundraising picture murkier than ever. It's a hard time to ask for money — at precisely the time that the need is greatest. 

At the same time, according to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, giving in the first half of 2020 from certain segments was actually up as compared to 2019 — so there's opportunity out there, if you can figure out how to find it. At the same time, Bloomberg reported in early October that the pandemic served to significantly increase the wealth gap — while billionaires are doing far better, most people are doing worse. 

In other words, what worked last year isn't going to work anymore. 

Let us help you navigate your way to better results with Polaris, our service to help your plan a better, more effective Giving Tuesday and year-end campaign.

How do we ask for money during one of the worst economies in history?

With the election, inboxes are more crowded than ever. How do we stand out?

How do we ask authentically for our cause when important issues like the pandemic and social justice are taking center stage?

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Set Your Course with Polaris.

Plenty's process can set you on a course for a better Giving Tuesday, more effective year-end fundraising, and a more productive 2021.

Here's what we'll do:


Audit Your Opportunities

Our team brings almost a hundred years of experience to help you thoughtfully grow. We'll audit your campaign history and your competitive landscape to quickly learn the complexities of your mission and your needs for the end of the year. 
In the words of one of our clients, "Working with Plenty is nothing short of adding to your team a startling level of depth, experience, insight, and brainpower.”
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Create Smart Segments

As your trusted advisor, we’ll help you develop your year-end strategy, outlining your segments, your approach, your ask, and your messaging — and helping you decide which channels to use to best leverage all of them.
We’ll meet with you, your team, and your agency partners regularly to troubleshoot problems, have productive conversations, and implement creative solutions that work. 
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Measure Your Success 

We'll help you measure what matters and unlock personal and organizational growth in the process. We'll help you choose the right success metrics, build an acquisition funnel, and monitor performance through easy-to-understand dashboards and reports. 
Our Polaris clients regularly achieve 20-30% growth annually. Let us help you do the same.
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Our best fundraising advice, for you.

Download our free Polaris guide and see how our ongoing strategic guidance and coaching can help your organization adapt and grow during Giving Tuesday, end-of-year fundraising, and beyond.

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Service in Action 

Polaris helped Miles for Moffitt increase revenue by 25% in 2019, and successfully pivot to an online program during COVID with well over $600,000 in donations and counting! 
"We engaged Plenty two months before our event to provide additional support in achieving this year’s ambitious goals. They jumped straight into the project without delay, providing regular insight and guidance to team. Our event saw the biggest increases in its history in participation and dollars raised and this was in no small part due to the excellent services provided by the Plenty team." 
-Maria Muller, EVP, President of the Moffitt Foundation, Moffitt Cancer Center