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Shine Your Light

Join us at Lantern, a transformative three-day retreat for authentic leaders. Like you.

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Become the leader you were meant to be.

Most of us grow up learning that leadership is about being in charge, making infallible decisions, giving wise direction, and doing our best to be perfect at all times and in all ways. We are taught that leaders need to be almost superhuman in all facets of their lives.

We believe that leadership isn't about being a superhero. You don't have to know all the answers. Leadership isn't about authority leadership is about authenticity.

At Lantern, Plenty's three-day leadership retreat, we'll help you find your authentic blueprint. Imagine being the person you were meant to be. Imagine being comfortable in the unknown. Imagine having the confidence to navigate change easily and effortlessly. Imagine expressing that confidence in your work, in your relationships, and in your life – and helping others do the same. 

Drop the cape and step into your authentic self. It's time to shine your light.

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We love our graduates, and our graduates love Lantern.

Our classes are full of interesting, thoughtful, and introspective people seeking to make a difference in and with their lives. At Lantern, you'll practice authentic leadership with people from all industries, all walks of life, and all experience levels. Among our graduate cohort are a variety of engaging people:

  • Accomplished business leaders searching for more meaning and impact
  • Career professionals seeking to re-invent
  • Nonprofit and socially-minded executives with a dramatic vision for change
  • Enterpreneurs building new models for business growth
  • Healthcare practictioners looking to integrate leadership and wellbeing
  • Financial sector professionals on the intersection of leadership and change
  • Teachers shaping the lives of our youth
  • Young leaders wanting to build skills
  • Parents and grandparents eager for deeper connections

 Whatever your role, interest, experience, or industry, Lantern is right for you!

It was a blind leap of faith to register for Lantern. My personal training and educational background has been based in traditional leadership models. The program that Jennifer and Jeff have crated at Heartspace is revolutionary. The evidence lies in the bonds and respect and love created in a room of strangers in less than three full days. Many of us spend years in our organizations hoping to create such an environment. The evidence is also in the individual breakthroughs that we were all able to make with the help of others. The truth of the matter is traditional models don't work — why would we want them to? I don't believe a book or a podcast or a testimonial does the experience justice."

Shawna RasumssenSummit Financial


The Lantern perspective on leadership is so holistic. It's not overreaching, but it's very well grounded in a rather small space and time – like a tree where the roots the leaves extend so far out. That's the sense that I have of leadership from Lantern. A strong base and a strong foundation, and then, endless possibilities.

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Dr. Kathy Ostler, Physician / Owner, Wasatch Pediatrics