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What is Lantern?

Lantern is Plenty's three-day leadership retreat for idealists. Like you.

Clarify Your

Discover where you naturally lean in and align your life to it. Re-connect to what brings you joy and develop the renewed confidence to pursue it.

Explore Your Highest Possibility

Let Lantern help you get out of your own way and make the changes necessary to live into your birthright of fulfillment, abundance and happiness in your career, relationships, and life.

Live Your Authentic Blueprint

We each have a unique way. Let Lantern ignite your courage, awaken your confidence and create a clear direction for you to live into your purpose.

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Let Plenty help you re-discover your authentic blueprint for life and work.
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Is Lantern Right For Me?

Maybe you're right where you want to be. Everything is starting to click, and you want to keep the momentum going. Maybe you're ready to let go and enjoy your life.
Or maybe you're ready for a change. Maybe you realize it's time for something different, but you're not sure how to get there. Maybe you know you're destined for more.
Whoever you are and wherever you find yourself, Lantern is right for you.
It's leadership for life. 


A Model Made For You

The Lantern Leadership Model

We’ve built a unique leadership curriculum to help individuals and organizations transform from the inside out. We’ve used it with hundreds of executives, idealists, men and women and change-makers just like you. Learn more about the Lantern curriculum here...
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The Meaning of Lantern

We use the lantern symbol to represent four tenets of leadership. These lights illuminate the path for authentic leaders.


A leader is a light for others.

Leadership is about inspiring the best in others and ourselves. To do that, we need to speak our truth and shine our light.  That takes practice. It starts with clarifying our own passions – the things we care about and why – and then sharing them with the world. When we follow our passions our joy and fulfillment increases and we live a more authentic life.

The light is always within us.

Even in our darkest, most insecure, and fearful moments, we still have everything we need to be leaders. Our light may feel dim at times, but it can never go out. When we look beyond our worries and doubts, we can trust that we are fully prepared to "show up to what shows up." Life will illuminate the right next step we need to take.

We only need to see what is right in front of us.

The idea that we can control the world around us – with our words, plans, goals, or actions – is self-involved and outdated. Leaders don’t need to know all the answers, and seldom do. Rather, leaders spend time practicing and learning to navigate the unknown, step by step, moment by moment in alignment with one’s beliefs, values and purpose. 

There is a larger light guiding us.

Leaders know that there’s a bigger plan. Some call it Fate; others God; others the Universe; others the Divine. Whatever you name it, leaders realizes there are other forces at work. Those forces sometimes communicate to us via insight, intuition and synchronicity. Leaders polish their intellectual skills, but they are just as willing to follow their instincts, feelings, and heart as they walk in awareness.

YourSpace. HeartSpace.

Plenty's retreat center in Park City, Utah

We've created a beautiful and inspiring home where people can be themselves, awaken their biggest dreams and honor their deepest callings. 

HeartSpace will be your place for Lantern. We've built it with love and intention, and you will see it in everything we do. From the majestic mountain landscape, to the cozy couches, to the team who knows you by name, we've designed HeartSpace to help idealists like you unwind, envision, and connect. You couldn't find a better setting for Lantern.
Click here to learn more about HeartSpace...


Your Leadership Guides

Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck

Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck are co-leaders of Plenty and your guides during Lantern. The have created this unique curriculum and retreat out of their combined fifty years of education, lived experience and training. They've guided hundreds of executives and leaders like yourself through the transformation of Lantern. 

At Plenty, Jennifer and Jeff model true co-leadership, jointly directing the firm and guiding strategy, insight, innovation, and growth for organizations and the people in them. 

Learn more about their leadership background here...

Your Experience At Lantern

There are at least eleven reasons why you'll love your three days in Park City, Utah

Self Awareness


Delicous Meals


Deep Listening


Open Space


360 Feedback





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Candelight Dinner




Joyful Fun





More Lantern Love

Our classes are full of interesting, thoughtful, and introspective people seeking to make a difference in and with their lives. At Lantern, you'll practice authentic leadership with people from all industries, all walks of life, and all leadership levels. Among our graduate cohort are a variety of amazing people who seek self-awareness, growth, and impact.
Watch some of our graduates explain their experience at Lantern.
Adam Kronk, Headmaster
La Lumere
Ann Beach, Founder,
Finding One's Voice
Dr. Kathy Ostler, Owner & Physician,
Summit Pediatrics
Lindsey Jacobson, Teacher,
Park City School District
Scott Schoenebeck, Owner
FizGig Builders & YouHang It
Cindy Jones Nylan, CMO
Brite Dandelion
Brea Kratzert, VP of Development
Wounded Warrior Project
Jen Masar, National Director
Arthritis Foundation

Our Incredible Graduates

June 2016
October 2016
November 2016
January 2017
June 2017
October 2017

Three 2019 Classes

We're ready to help you grow – winter, summer, and fall.
Tuition is $995 and includes all of your meals, facilitation, activities, and curriculum. We have special discounts at area hotels to make sure your stay is easy and convenient. 
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June 18-21, 2019

Locals say that people come to Park City for the winter and stay for the summer. Your fellow classmates will warm you as much as the mountain sun in this special session sponsored by our friends at SenterGroup.




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October 22-25, 2019

This is it – the most incredible time of the year at HeartSpace. The mountains are quilted with color, creating a breathtaking backdrop that will inspire you to live into your most vibrant self. Perfectly timed before the holiday season, a time of introspection and reinvention for the year to come.

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Your Week, Your Way

Ready to transform yourself and your team? Create your own Lantern for your company, cause, or organization and make 2019 the most effective, meaningful, and magical year you could imagine. Increase your team's performance and be amazed at the new culture you create.