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Align your work with your purpose.

Park City, Utah

Lantern isn't your ordinary leadership class. It's not a workshop for people who need to learn what to do.  
Lantern is a retreat for conscious leaders who are ready to be re-inspired about how to be.
March 29-April 1, 2022
June 14-17, 2022
October 18-21, 2022

The Retreat for Conscious Leaders

Lantern is a four-day experiential retreat for conscious leaders. Lantern equips executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals with mindful leadership strategies, elevated consciousness, and increased confidence. Experienced leaders from all over the world choose Lantern to align their work with their worth and way. 
We're ready for you, and you're ready for Lantern! 

The Experience

Each day consists of mindfulness exercises, guided meditations, leadership curriculum, deep listening, individual reflection, small group work, outdoor exploration and connection to nature, healthy and delicious food, and conscious conversations to help you increase self-awareness, find clarity and confidence, and align your passions with your purpose.
Lantern Hero

The Setting

Lantern takes place at HeartSpace, Plenty's private retreat nestled in the majestic mountains of Park City, Utah. Just 35 minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport you'll find the perfect retreat destination. 
We've created a cozy, calm "un-meeting" space to help you relax and recharge:
  • Cozy couches in a calming, intimate space
  • Gorgeous views with direct access to beautiful hiking trails and the largest ski resort in the world
  • Healthy, locally-sourced meals to nourish you
  • Hotels within thirty yards to comfort you during your stay
  • Activities, entertainment, and outdoor adventure galore

Trusted By Brands, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders

About the Curriculum

Now in its seventh year, Lantern has offered an inside-out approach to leadership development to nearly 200 leaders like you. Each class is unique yet shares a common outcome – an immeasurable feeling of confidence, connection, aliveness and positivity.

During Lantern, Plenty's principals Jennifer and Jeff will help you slow down, open, and be honest with yourself about where you are and where you want to be. Our curated experiences and exercises will help you see what is working and what isn't so you can awaken your consciousness and confidently make the choices your heart yearns for.


Meet Your Classmates

We'll kick-of at 5:00pm MST with a welcome reception, hors d'oeuvres, light refreshments, and a facilitated meet and greet. You'll start to get to know your peers as we review the Lantern curriculum and our unique approach to conscious leadership. We'll conclude around 7:00pm to allow time for dinner on your own – or with your new classmates.

Welcome Reception
Meet & Greet
Lantern Overview

Passions and Possibility

You'll open your second day with a guided meditation and exercise to help you set your intention for your Lantern experience. We'll start to explore what you deeply care and begin to surface the values that matter most to you.
After a delicious and nutritious catered lunch – included, like all of our lunches, in your tuition – we'll journey together into the woods on a guided hike to imagine and envision the highest possibility for your career and life. 
After rich and juicy conversations with your classmates, we'll sit down together for a very special and memorable class dinner. 

The Power of Your Presence

We'll begin day three with an optional session of gentle yoga to help you ground, relax, and embody the insights that are beginning to bubble up within you. 

You'll get acquainted with our proprietary Lantern Leadership Assessment, which you already sent to a dozen peers and coworkers before you arrived. We'll give you time to read and reflect on the 360-degree feedback you received. This will set the stage for a memorable exercise on the power of your presence, as you reimagine how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. 

We'll end the evening together in circle for a relaxed and cozy evening of inquiry, conversation, and coaching. 

360 Feedback
Coaching Circle

Shine Your Light

You'll wake up on day four astonished that Lantern is nearing a close. You'll feel slowed down, more present, and deeply connected to who you are and who you want to be. You'll also feel tremendously supported by your classmates, some of whom may now know you better than anyone on the planet!
Now that you are clearer on what matters to you, we'll explore the relationships in your life, the roles you play, and what expands and contracts you.
As you get ready to say goodbye to HeartSpace and the new friends you've made, you'll take with you tools to help you practice what you learned at Lantern all year long.
Closing Ceremony
Illuminate Your Light
Leadership Expertise Meets Mindful Methods

Your Coaches

Principal and Co-Founder, Plenty

Jennifer Mulholland

Jennifer is a three generation female entrepreneur, executive coach, and healer. She's coached executives, athletes, and professionals for over thirty years and had a successful career leading innovation and consulting services for SunGard Higher Education, a fortune 500 company for a decade. Prior to Plenty, she founded and led two companies in the executive coaching and well-being industries focusing on human development and community sharing.
Jennifer is an experienced mystic and business strategist with extensive training in Positive Coaching, positive psychology, leadership and intuitive development, healing modalities, spiritual practices, shamanic medicine, mindfulness, integrative health and wellbeing.
She's a two sport Division I athlete who brought the sport of women's lacrosse to Utah, holding a BS degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Psychology, and Coaching from the University of Utah. She loves living an active lifestyle and calling beautiful Park City home with her husband, two children, and micro golden doodle, Toby.
Jeff Shuck Headshot
Principal and Co-Founder, Plenty

Jeff Shuck

Jeff's career blends deep experience in leadership development and social impact strategy with an active creative spirit. He loves to learn, create, and share.

Jeff graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Rochester and earned an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and an MS in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern. He has served on the board of various nonprofits and his work in social impact has been featured in a variety of outlets such as Marketplace, the Wall Street Journal, Fatherly, and the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Prior to Plenty, Jeff was co-founder and CEO of fundraising firm Event 360, raising nearly a billion dollars for charity over 12 years. The proud father of four, Jeff and his family live in Indiana along Lake Michigan. He's an active musician and just released his latest single.


Don't just take our word for it

What Our Graduates Say

Testimonials from leaders like you.

"If you are feeling that you need a pause, a change, a shift, or a breathe of fresh air - Lantern is calling you. The Plenty team facilitate a vibrant experience for you to explore and further define how to live each day authentically and intentionally. The friendships I made at Lantern are sure to last a lifetime and I am a better person, co-worker, friend, and leader because of the days spent at Heartspace."
Lantern Headshot
Bryan Funk
Sr. Marketing Manager, Virtuous
"The Lantern experience was so wonderfully diverse! HeartSpace has such a beautiful energy to support mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. The processes Jennifer and Jeff guided us through each day were simple magical in simplicity and absolute effectiveness!!”
Emily Drown
Emily Drown
Global Partner at Boscage Holdings
“Jennifer and Jeff are pioneers in the way in which they are bringing idealists together to discuss and practice leadership. People who are curious about pioneering new territory and developing new paradigms, should absolutely come to Lantern.   I think they will very quickly say, "I am home"."
Ann Beach
Anne Beach
Founder, Finding Ones Voice
“Lantern is a revolutionary approach to proper, passionate, meaningful leadership that helped me open to the leader I want to be. I really got to the core of my leadership. What are my passions and what does it look like for me to bring that forth? It was worth every moment. It was truly transformative."
Dr. Kathy Ostler
Dr. Kathy Ostler
Primary Care Physician and Pediatrician
“This was much more than leadership development. This was an inspirational, moving, and joyful journey of self-discovery.”
David McShae
David McShea
Executive Director at Alzheimer's Association
“You will not find better leaders like Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck anywhere.  Their transformative methods are groundbreaking and get right to the heart of what is truly needed in this world today.  Any individual, no matter where they are in their life today can use Lantern as a life changing experience to propel them forward in their life.  Leaders in any industry will find tremendous personal growth that will in turn effect growth in all areas of their business."
Kathi Forbes
Kathi Forbes
“I cannot adequately express my gratitude for having this life-changing week you provided. Wow!”
Adam Kronk
Adam Kronk
Head of La Lumier School
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Here's what's included:

The entire four-day mindful leadership curriculum • Our proprietary Lantern Leadership Assessment • 360-degree feedback from up to fifteen of your observers • Three breakfast spreads • Three yummy lunches • One candlelight dinner • One evening of appetizers • Yoga • Guided hiking • Guided meditations 


One Payment of $1395

Save $90 when you register and pay in full today! Your seat is guaranteed. Simply select your session below.


Three Payments of $495

Make one payment today and two more over next two months. Select your session below!

Spring Flowers - Small
Session 13


March 29 - April 1, 2022

As the snow begins to melt, the blossoms begin tobloom. Align your personal and professional growth with nature's spring and witness your creations take form.

Summer Flowers - Small
Session 14


June 14 - 17, 2022

Locals say that people come to Park City for the winter and end up staying for the summer. Your classmates will warm you as much as the sun in this session that sells out every year.
Fall Leaves - Small
Session 15

Fall 2022

October 18 - 21, 2022

Visit America's Favorite Town at the most beautiful time of year. Let the fall mountain colors captivate you and leave you inspired at the beauty within and the beauty all around. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I stay?
There are dozens of wonderful places to stay in Park City and near HeartSpace. In fact, we are blessed to have the new Hyatt Place Hotel, literally right next door. The convenience of staying just 30 yards away can't be beat. Please click the link above or call 888-591-1234 and mention the Plenty room block to receive a room discount to Lantern.
If you want something a bit more lavish, we’d recommend the Waldorf Astoria, about a five-minute walk or three-minute drive up the mountain from HeartSpace. The Waldorf offers an incredible pool, gym, restaurant, and bar. Rates have become pretty steep with the new growth Park City has experienced but check it out and treat yourself if that calls to you. 
And, of course VRBO and AirBnB are great resources to find something that's not a hotel.
How will I get from the airport?

HeartSpace is located just thirty-five minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport at 4343 Highway 224, Suite 203, Park City, Utah 84098. You won't need a car during Lantern as we have arranged transportation for our planned activities. We recommend taking Lyft or Uber from the airport to your hotel. If you choose to extend your stay, there are several car rental options at the airport or in Park City. 

How many years has Lantern been held?

Since 2016, Lantern has helped leaders from around the world produce more fulfilling results, lead others with confidence and clarity, and navigate uncertainty with grace and poise. The unique curriculum includes 360-degree feedback including your input and the input of your peers and direct reports. Lantern is now in its seventh year. 

Where is Lantern held?

Lantern is held at HeartSpace, Plenty’s private retreat center in Park City, Utah. HeartSpace is custom-built for the kind of deep, safe, and revealing conversations we have at Lantern.

What are your COVID protocols?
At Plenty, we’ve had a chance to host a number of retreats in this new world during COVID and we feel great about our ability to provide you a safe, enlightening, introspective, and joyful experience!  We follow the obligations required by Summit County and Utah. Currently, masks are not required and we do not check for vaccine status. Of course, participants who choose to wear masks are welcome to. We ask all participants to pay attention to how they are feeling and not come if they feel off. 
We’ve made a few changes that you’d expect — we’ve reduced attendees from 20 to 16; in most cases meals are individually served instead of family-style, etc. But Lantern was always built on a lot of time outside in nature and a lot of small-group work, so we haven’t had to re-engineer things too much to keep it safe and amazing.
What is Plenty's experience?

Plenty has decades of experience in helping organizations and people tap into their highest potential. Our direct experience ranges from organizational behavior to mindfulness in business to leadership development to spirituality to entrepreneurship to healing modalities. Oh, and we've worked with organizations around the globe to raise over $1 billion for social impact and philanthropy.

We've held Lantern for the last seven years. We're ready for you!

What will my takeaways be?
  • Renewed confidence in self that helps you lead yourself and others more authentically
  • Peace and trust in navigating uncertainty
  • Clarity of your passions and what you value to help you align your work and your way 
  • Increased awareness of how your intuition speaks to you and the signs around you
  • An empowered and powerful presence
  • Deep listening skills 
  • Connection and networking with other executive leaders from around the world
  • Re-invigorated vitality and hope for what’s possible
How can I show my boss this is worthwhile?
If you need help sharing the value of Lantern with your boss so you can attend professionally as a part of your leadership development, here are some talking points! Let us know how we can help your conversation. 
Your company will benefit as much as you will. You'll experience:
  • Clarity of personal and professional passions that will increase your dedication to work
  • Increased self-awareness and authenticity in your unique leadership style
  • Intentional presence that will foster deeper listening to those you lead and work with
  • Increased self-confidence creating more effective influence in your relationships and role
  • Learned leadership skills to facilitate better teamwork, increased management performance and better meeting facilitation
  • Renewed wellbeing and invigoration for your life and work
  • New relationships with conscious leaders from around the world
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