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Lantern Conscious Leadership Retreat


The Retreat for Conscious Leaders

You know there’s more to do. You know there’s more to be.
You want your team to be successful. You want your part to matter. You want your work to make a difference. 

Live into your best life at Lantern.

October 19-22, 2021 • HeartSpace, Park City

Lantern Conscious Leadership Retreat

Navigate Uncertainty

After the tumult of 2020, give yourself the gift of open space. Lantern is a chance to follow your curiosity and explore what's next for you – without the distractions of phone calls, emails, text messages, and the never-ending news cycle.

Lantern Conscious Leadership Retreat

Deepen Connection

Create deep and meaningful connections with yourself other and conscious leaders from around the world. Get the time and space you need to go beyond video meetings and surface-level conversations and broaden your network of self-aware people like you.

Lantern Conscious Leadership Retreat

Plan Your Next Act

You've accomplished so much. Come to Lantern to reflect on where you've been and where you want to put your passions and talents next. You'll leave clarified, energized, and inspired to live your next step.

What is Lantern?

Lantern is Plenty's four-day retreat for conscious leaders like you.

4 Days at Lantern

Four Days

Lantern is short enough to be accessible to even the busiest of schedules and long enough to make a lifelong impact. Tuition includes everything you need to slow down, wake up, and reinvent yourself. 

  • All breakfasts and lunches 
  • One unforgettable mountain yurt dinner
  • Special lodging discounts
  • Scholarships and payment plans available

Park City, Utah

Nestled in the majestic Wasatch Mountains, Park City is America's favorite town. Lovely to experience, easy to get to, and a breath of fresh air outside of your normal everyday.

  • Serene and inspiring setting 
  • Held at HeartSpace, Plenty's private retreat center
  • 30-minute drive from Salt Lake City International Airport
  • Hotels within walking distance

A Curriculum You'll Love

Lantern is leadership for life. You won't get another list of things to do. Instead, you'll learn how to be more of yourself. 

  • Built on a unique and fresh leadership model
  • 360-leadership assessment with detailed results to explore
  • Unique indoor and outdoor activities 
  • Conscious classmates from around the world
"Jennifer and Jeff’s model for getting literally to the heart of leadership is powerful and inspiring. I highly recommend Lantern for any leader – formal or otherwise – who feels the pinch of wanting to be better and is unsure of how to get there. Loved it!"

Susan Smitten
Executive Director, RAVEN

The Details

Explore the Lantern model, assessment, agenda,
space, your facilitators and more.



Take the Lantern Leadership Assessment to learn more about your strengths and opportunities for growth.


Lantern is built on a seven-point model designed specifically for people like you. Learn more.


Explore our unique, experiential four-day curriculum. 


We've created a beautiful and inspiring home where you can relax, be yourself, and awaken to your biggest dreams and deepest callings. Welcome to HeartSpace. 


Meet Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, the co-leaders of Plenty and your guides for Lantern. 


Need help getting there? We've created a sample letter you can customize to explain the value of Lantern to your boss. 


Everything you need to know to book travel, transportation, and transformation. 

The Lantern Leadership Assessment


The Lantern Leadership Assessment is designed to help you understand what kind of leader you are — and help you get clear on what kind of leader you want to be. The assessment measures your perceptions about your approach to leadership.

We use the assessment at Lantern as a foundation to help you increase your awareness of how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. 

To experience your first taste of Lantern, take the self-assessment here. When you register for Lantern, you will have the opportunity to ask your managers, direct reports, friends, and family to observe your leadership approach too. You'll get a detailed printed report of the results. You'll be amazed at what you learn. 

Take the Assessment

The Model

We believe that leadership isn't about title, experience, industry, or education. And it isn't about being an infallible superhero. Leadership isn't about authority. Leadership is about authenticity.

With this in mind, we've built a seven-point leadership model to help leaders like you clarify their passions, discover their highest possibility, and reclaim what makes them special. 

It's a different kind of model for a different kind of leader. We think you'll love it. 

Learn More

The Agenda

We've carefully curated the Lantern curriculum so your four days here will be meaningful, applicable, and transformative.

The activities are a mix of personal reflection, small group discussion, and large group conversation. Much of the week is spent in pods of four – so you can share authentically and create deep connections. 

Similarly, you'll spend quite a bit of time in nature. It's beautiful here, and we want to have a chance to enjoy it. 

Day 1 will kick-off at 5:00pm allowing enough time for travel to Park City.  Each day will begin at 9:00am with facilitated activities, outdoor breaks, delicious lunches, and open space. Your evenings will be spent connecting with your classmates over incredible dinners, coaching and conversation. Day 4 will conclude at 2:00pm, allowing enough time to return home or to extend your stay and enjoy the activities that Park City offers. 

Browse Each Day


HeartSpace is unlike any meeting space you've ever been to.  We've built it with love and intention, and you will see it in everything we do. From the mountain landscape, to the cozy couches, to the team who knows you by name, we've designed HeartSpace to help you unwind, envision, and connect. You couldn't find a better setting for Lantern.

  • Nestled in the heart of the majestic mountains of Park City, Utah
  • Surrounded by mesmerizing views, healing forests, and trails galore 
  • A short thirty-minute drive from the Salt Lake City International Airport 
  • Thirty yards from the brand new Hyatt Place hotel
  • A sacred space designed with cozy and comfy couches to help you feel supported 
Explore HeartSpace

Meet Jennifer and Jeff

Experience the dance of Plenty's co-leaders as they guide you to integrate head and heart, intellect and intuition, the masculine and the feminine within yourself. Jennifer and Jeff have dedicated their lives to waking up human potential, within themselves and within others. Enjoy the gift of self-discovery through the intentional leadership of two people truly committed to helping you become your best self. 

During Lantern, Jennifer and Jeff will help you let down your guard and be honest with yourself about where you are and where you want to be. Their curated experiences and exercises will help you connect the dots and really see what is working and what is not, so you can confidently make the changes your soul yearns for.

With extensive training, education, and experience in leadership, personal growth, performance, strategy, and wellbeing, Jennifer and Jeff are ideally suited to help uncover your authentic blueprint at Lantern.

Learn more about Jennifer and Jeff here.

Convince Your Boss!

If you need help sharing the value of Lantern with your boss so you can attend professionally as a part of your leadership development, you can download and customize this letter to your boss.

Your employer will benefit as much as you will:

  • Clarity of passions increases employee dedication
  • Increased awareness creates more effective teamwork
  • Intentional presence fosters better listening
  • Increased confidence creates more effective influence
I came to Lantern as an employee with a great opportunity to learn more about my craft (thanks to my employer) but I walked away a "wholer" person with my passion for life reignited - which in the end will better those around me and the work I do. Thank you Jeff and Jen for creating the safest space I have ever been in, and for allowing us all to see what is right in front of us, and for creating an experience that will forever stay in my heart. 
- Stephany Bonney, March of Dimes

Download the letter, convince your boss, and see for yourself!

Download the Letter

Planning Your Trip

HeartSpace is located just thirty-five minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport at 4343 Highway 224, Suite 203, Park City, Utah 84098.


There are dozens of wonderful places to stay in Park City. We recommend two in particular:

  • Hyatt Place Hotel:  The Hyatt Place Hotel is brand new, clean, affordable, and literally right next door to HeartSpace. The convenience of staying just 30 yards away can't be beat. Please click the link above or call 888-591-1234 and mention the Plenty room block to receive a room discount to Lantern.
  • Waldorf Astoria: For a more lavish experience, the Waldorf Astoria is about a five-minute walk up the mountain. The Waldorf offers an incredible pool, gym, restaurant, and bar. Rates are pretty steep during ski season but become much more affordable during Lantern. Treat yourself! 

You really won't need a car during Lantern as we have arranged transportation for our planned activities. We recommend taking Lyft or Uber from the airport to your hotel. If you choose to extend your stay, there are several car rental options at the airport or in Park City. 

"This was much more than leadership development. This was an inspirational, moving, and joyful journey of self-discovery."
David McShea

David McShea
Executive Director, American Diabetes Association

Is Lantern Right For Me?


Lantern is not a "typical" leadership class. You don't need any special background, credentials, title, or degree to benefit from it. What our participants have in common is a desire to get more from themselves, their relationships, their work, and their life. 

If your life is full and you feel happy and content, come to Lantern and let us help you let go and enjoy it even more. And if you're in transition, ready for something more, or just plain lost, we'll help you find your light – and shine it. 


Whomever you are and wherever you find yourself, if you're ready to lead yourself, Lantern is right for you. It's leadership for life.

  • CEOs and Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Parents
  • Retirees
  • Recent graduates
  • Teachers
  • Middle managers
  • Seekers, explorers, wonderers, wanders
  • You!

The Impact of Lantern

Testimonials from conscious leaders like you.

"At Lantern, I felt really safe to share and be willing to be completely vulnerable. I don't know that that could happen in another setting. Whether it's the inside activities or the outside activities, it's almost like this ... the providences rise up to meet exactly where you are in terms of why you're in Park City. From the people, to the trails, to the beautiful landscape, to being in HeartSpace. I don't know how you replicate that. It's magic."
Cindy Jones Nyland

Cindy Jones Nyland
Chief Marketing Officer, Brite Dandelion

"Lantern was delight. It was a surprising, enlightening, challenging, and yet empowering experience. I didn't know I needed the things that I found, but now that I found them, I can't imagine not having found them."
Adam Kronk

Adam Kronk
Headmaster, La Lumiere School

Join Us October 2021

Your next steps are ready for you.

Tuition is $1295 and includes all of your meals, facilitation, activities, and curriculum. We have special discounts at area hotels to make sure your stay is easy and convenient.
And we offer payment plans to make Lantern easy and affordable. 
Take advantage of our 2021 SPECIAL with $200 off, instantly!
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One Payment

$1295 $995

One Payment Today

  • Powerful curriculum
  • Delicious meals
  • 360° leadership feedback
  • Amazing connection
  • Unparalleled hospitality
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Three Payments

$1295 $995

Three Monthly Payments

  • Powerful curriculum
  • Delicious meals
  • 360° leadership feedback
  • Amazing connection
  • Unparalleled hospitality