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jeff-jennifer-bridge-web-bannerCIRCLEFORTEXT-1.jpgJennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck



 Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck are co-leaders of Plenty. For nearly twenty years they’ve been on a united path to make a meaningful difference on the planet. Both started their careers in the nonprofit space, Jennifer founding an organization designed to teach leadership, initiative and teamwork to women through lacrosse culminating in bringing the sport to Utah, and Jeff working to teach values and leadership to college students.

They first worked together in the late 1990’s at Campus Pipeline, a startup technology company dedicated to unifying the digital campus world-wide. Through many acquisitions, Jennifer stayed on to lead professional services and global innovation for SunGard, a Fortune 500 company. Following her entrepreneurial lineage, she later founded several businesses focused on executive coaching, technology and community creation for wellbeing. Meanwhile, Jeff co-founded Event 360, a firm that raised nearly a billion dollars for charity through creating and producing large-scale fundraising events. All the while, the two stayed in touch before reconnecting several years ago to create Plenty, a consultancy focused on helping organizations and idealists like you unlock growth.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Psychology and Coaching and holds certifications in multiple disciplines related to leadership, coaching, mindfulness, healing and wellbeing. As an All-American, she played D1 Lacrosse and Field Hockey for the University of Delaware. Jeff graduated from the University of Rochester and holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management. He has extensively studied Predictive Analytics at Northwestern and is an accomplished musician and songwriter.

At Plenty, Jennifer and Jeff model true co-leadership, jointly directing the firm and guiding strategy, insight, innovation, and growth for organizations and the people that make them up. They deeply believe that co-leadership is the new paradigm for a world based on harmony, co-creation, collaboration and authenticity. They integrate dynamics of masculine and feminine, head and heart, and intuition and intellect in everything they do.

Their vision is a world in which there is plenty for everyone — plenty of health, wholeness, happiness, resources and abundance. They travel extensively around the globe speaking, leading and facilitating individual and organizational transformation. When they are not onsite with clients, they are  hosting retreats and workshops at HeartSpace, Plenty’s retreat center, in beautiful Park City, Utah.

Interested in hearing what Jen and Jeff have to say? Check out Jennifer and Jeff's latest individual blog posts, their co-written blog posts, or watch their video above.

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Our Team

We love bringing our full selves to everything we do. We are idealists and speakers of kind truths. We are inquisitive explorers and imaginative architects. We are smart and insightful yet sincere and open-hearted. We believe in tapping into passion and purpose to unlock growth for idealists across the globe.

We are Plenty.




CaseyCIRCLEforText copy.jpgCasey Ernstes, Consultant

Intuitive   |   Awake   | Intentional

Casey is dedicated to connecting with, learning from and empowering individuals and communities that have a vision for a better world. She is an accomplished strategist and executor, with a passion for co-creating, incubating and deploying inclusive and impact-focused funding programs. As a Consultant at Plenty, Casey leads and supports strategy, fundraising and organizational development projects for enterprise-level and smaller nonprofit clients. Her interest in weaving in-the-weeds data collection with strategic context and insights embodies Plenty’s saying of “hearts on sleeves, shovels in hands.” When she’s not knee-deep in research and relationship with Plenty’s clients, you can find Casey embedded in community and volunteerism in Chicago.

Interested in what Casey has to say? Check out her latest blog posts.




SierraHaseFromInternetCIRCLEForText copy.jpgSierra Hase, Associate

Attentive   |   Bright   | Motivated

Sierra graduated from Winona State University, with a degree in Public Health and Community Wellness. Sierra is passionate about helping others live a fulfilling and happy life. Over the last four years, she has gained experience in community health and wellness through program planning, educating, and building relationships. Sierra contributes strong communication and organizational skills; and will be assisting the Plenty team in community engagement, marketing, and event planning. She is motivated by the Plenty team to continue to help idealist grow.


HeartSpace MountainsCIRCLEForText copy.jpgHeartSpace, Plenty's Retreat Center

Park City, UT

For years, we dreamt of finding a beautiful, creative, and inspiring place where people could awaken their biggest dreams and honor their deepest callings.  Finally, we stopped looking and built it ourselves. For you.

We consider HeartSpace to be one of our teammates and once you've visited you'll understand why. We've built her with intention and love, and you'll see and feel that in everything you experience there. From the majestic mountain landscape to the cozy couches to the positive words behind the paint to the team who knows you by name, HeartSpace provides the nourishing, safe, creative space organizations, teams and idealists like you need to grow. 

Learn more about HeartSpace...


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