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Connect to the heart of purpose-driven strategy with Meridian, the process used worldwide by incredible organizations like yours to unlock growth in revenue, impact, and fulfillment.

Uncover Purpose

Phase 1
Six weeks of deep discovery

We'll conduct extensive analysis to identify opportunities and trends – along with what really matters.

Unite Your Team

Phase 2

An inspiring four-day retreat

We’ll spend four immersive days together discussing how to unlock new growth.

Create Your Map

Phase 3
Six weeks of refinement

We’ll document the decisions in the Meridian playbook – a beautiful, informative roadmap 
you'll actually use.

Align & Conquer

Phase 4
Put it into action

You'll be amazed at how much more effectively you act with a concise, agile strategy built by your entire team.

Trusted by Purpose-Driven Organizations. Like Yours.

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Meridian: More Than A Model

A whole-hearted approach to strategy.

Isn't it time you had a better strategy for creating your strategy? Put your passion at the heart of organizational strategy and witness the alignment, growth and impact you've dreamed of come to life. Meridian is more than a model – it's an experience to create focused, aligned, differentiated, and agile organizations. 

At Plenty, we’ve used the process with dozens of companies like yours to transform the organizations and the people in them. Built around a four-day experiential retreat in HeartSpace, Park City, Utah, Meridian will activate your team, re-invent your approach, and align your leaders to take action. 

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A New World Needs
New Strategy

In an age of authenticity, what you care about is your competitive advantage.

Passion is the catalyst of life. Passion fuels our mission. Passion drives our ambition. Passion creates the impact we seek. Passion is the simple clue that tells us where to focus. With passion to fuel our deepest purpose, we can accomplish anything we dream.

And yet, in business, we often learn that what we care about has to be subservient to what we can measure. At Plenty, we believe this is misguided. Great strategies have passion at their center. Meridian is rooted in our belief that what we feel is just as important as what we know. Nowhere is this most evident than in the social impact space, where constituents desire to support ethical, modern, transparent organizations making true impact.

Traditional strategic planning is stale, analytical, and cumbersome. And so it produces mission statements that no one can remember and metrics that no one is inspired to achieve. Meridian is different. Meridian acknowledges that our hearts are as important as our heads.  What we know is incredibly important – we have to be smart, analytical, and rigorous – but we can’t start there. We must start with the heart.

Starting with heart means embracing the idea that organizations are only as powerful as the people in them. If your team isn't inspired, your strategy isn't going anywhere. To create successful organizations, we need to have seen, activated, and whole people. People like you. 

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Guides Who Know.
And Care. 

Meet Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, your guides.

Plenty principals and co-leaders Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck are dynamic facilitators, strategists, and published authors. Their experience brings unparalleled expertise and success in unlocking growth for a better world. Together, they'll direct your Meridian experience and guide insight and innovation for your organization and team. 

Meet Your Facilitators

How To Make A Purpose-Driven Strategy

Power It With Passion

It's not your business, it's not your job — it's what you think about, worry about, stress about, and dream about all day, every day. It's your life's work. Your biggest competitive advantage is your passion. No one can imitate what you believe deep in the core of your being. Let's start there. 

Build Alignment

Plans are important, but strategy is about more than plans. Plans are just documentation — strategy is about knowing what to do when we don't have the plans in front of us. Let's uncover what holds us together. Let's throw our dreams on the table and discover we have incredible things in common. 

Keep It Agile

A sustainable strategy is adaptable and clear in order to withstand the ever-changing world we're living in. Strategy is about knowing what to do when things go differently than you expect. Let's train to be nimble. Let's talk about how we'll respond if we collide with a problem. Let's talk about how we'll act when we triple our growth projections.

How Meridian Works

We'll work with you over 12 weeks to build essential strategic components like branding, positioning, and competitive differentiators. We'll do it from a context that is rooted in your most important strategic advantage: your passion. You'll leave more than aligned. You'll leave inspired.



Six weeks
We'll start with a virtual or in-person kick-off to introduce ourselves, the project, and align on your goals. Then, we'll spend about six weeks exploring your organization, its current state, its past, and its future. We will conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis, including mining constituent data, running revenue and expense analytics, conducting interviews with key stakeholders, and deplying a Five Keys assessment to identify relevant challenges, opportunities, and trends in your culture and your business.



Four Days
We’ll spend four reflective and inspiring days together at HeartSpace, Plenty's retreat center in Park City, Utah. We'll share our discovery findings and you'll share yours, too. We'll help you identify your organization's passions; link them to the core purpose of the organization; and inspire you to dream about the highest possibility for your creation. Then we'll help you map the positioning, branding, team, products, goals, and processes to bring it to life.  



Six weeks
We’ll document the discussions, decisions and roadmap in the Meridian playbook – a beautiful, informative plan that includes all of the components of your strategy and operations. We will refine it together, ensuring buy-in and adoption from key decision makers like board members, key executives, partners, and agencies. Then, we'll help you practice embodying it, communicating it and using it as a tool to align all of your key stakeholders, shareholders and team members. 

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