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Lighthouse is our six-month virtual group coaching program with Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck.

Join a cohort of conscious leaders for the best six months of your life. Learn and lead with a group of caring, conscious people – like you!

You deserve your best. Lighthouse will help you reach it. 

$299 per Month • Begins January 1, 2025


About Lighthouse

Let's Lead With Light

Lighthouse has everything you need to live and lead your best life. Receive the coaching and support you've been longing for as you deepen your connection to your own light—all in a package designed to fit your commitments and budget. 

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Group Coaching

Jen and Jeff, authors of Leading with Light and the guiding forces behind Plenty Consulting, will be your mentors and facilitators during the exclusive, monthly group sessions designed to be intimate and transformative.

Self-Paced Exercises

Using practices from our book Leading with Light, we'll help you connect and reflect with weekly prompts, meditations, experiential paired exercises, and more. 


Private Community

Our private online community is where you'll connect with other Lighthouse members, find reflections and resources, share your growth, and receive the inspiration you need when you need it most. 

What Is Calling You?

Increase Your Peace

Chart a more peaceful way to live and lead by learning how to release the striving, fixing, and proving. 

Deepen Mindfulness

Deepen your ability to hear, see, and sense what's true for you. Learn to trust your intuition, navigate uncertainty, and lead yourself and others with a presence of peace, confidence, and calm. 

Explore What's Next

Think and feel differently about challenges and surface new growth opportunities at home and at work.

Awaken and Grow

Confidently and courageously share your truth, listen deeply to spirit, and build your new path forward.

Live & Lead With Light 

Lighthouse is grounded in our book Leading with Light, the curriculum that has helped thousands of conscious leaders live more fulfilling, expansive lives. 
With Lighthouse, you'll practice living with awareness, alignment, and intention in a safe, trusting, and caring environment with people who are eager to see you shine. 
Your Monthly Schedule

How It Works

Commit an hour per week for six months and change how you look at your life – and your light.

Each month follows a four-part cycle beginning January 1, 2025.

Week 1: Video Lesson

The Monthly Message

Each month starts with a video lesson from Jen and Jeff. We'll help you center, propose a few questions to explore and point you to a few teaching points. Watch whenever you want during the week. 
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Week 1: Video Lesson
Week 2: Reflections

Guided Reflections

In week two, you'll experiment with this month's theme and share your reflections with the group in your private community.

Week 2: Reflections
Week 3: Group Meeting

Live Online Meeting

Every month, we'll meet online for an hour at 12pm MST/ 2pm EST to discuss the message, what you're learning, and where you want to go next.

January 22 • February 19 • March 19
• April 16 • May 21 • June 18

Need to miss a meeting? No problem – watch the recording later when you have free time. 

Week 3: Group Meeting
Week 4: Practice

Paired Practice

During the last week of each month, you'll pair with another group member to practice together and connect with what's landing for you.

Week 4: Practice
Everything You Need

What's Included

Everything You Need

Is Lighthouse For Me?

Lighthouse is for conscious leaders who are ready to commit at least an hour a week to their growth. Does this sound like you?

  • I'm looking for a trusted, conscious group to learn from and share my experiences as I grow.
  • I don't want another class that tells me what to do or how to be – I want a way to guide myself to what's next for me.
  • I'm ready to explore how to live to my fullest in work and life.
  • I want to grow with people on a similar journey.
  • I want to be re-inspired and re-invigorated about my life. 
  • I want to see and shine my light!

If you are a conscious leader looking to grow from the inside out, Lighthouse is for you. 

Your Coaches

Meet Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff ShuckPlenty's principals and your guides for Lighthouse. 

Jennifer and Jeff are dynamic facilitators, coaches, growth strategists, and published authors. Together, they bring unparalleled expertise in facilitating positive personal change and unlocking growth for a better world.

Jennifer and Jeff will help you connect more deeply to your whole self and soul with other incredible human beings. 

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Register today and you'll receive information about our first session, instructions on how to get started. and access to the private online community when it launches on January 1, 2025.

You will be billed in six payments of $299 per month on the first of each month beginning January 1, 2025.

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Beautiful Magic

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A Transformative and Inspiring Experience
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A Transformative and Inspiring Experience

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