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Let's turn the key to a conscious culture.

On second thought, let's turn all five.

The Five Keys of
Conscious Culture

In a toxic culture, team members work in silos. Communication is circumspect, and mistrust abounds. Goals are set without the involvement of the people who are asked to reach them. Targets are viewed with skepticism, and new ideas are greeted with cynicism.

There's a better way. In a conscious culture, team members are aware of what they need to do to support one another, aligned on what matters most, and intentional about how they spend their time.

There are five fundamental keys to consciously building organizational culture: strategy, leadership, wellbeing, community, and funding. These keys work together. In other words, creating a culture that is fulfilling, conscious, and successful requires ongoing attention to all five areas.  

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Conscious culture has five components.

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Strategy involves creating alignment around a clear mission, a unique position, and an inspiring vision for change. The best strategies are agile and responsive to changing times without sacrificing focus and direction. Our belief is that strategy is about creating alignment, not about creating plans. 

We help organizations articulate and align around better strategy through Meridian, our strategic process. 

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Leadership entails developing courageous, authentic, and competent people who can effectively harness their passions in service of one another and the world.  Our belief is that effective leadership is about authenticity rather than authority. 

We help conscious leaders and teams find their authentic way through Lantern, our four-day leadership retreat, held three times a year at HeartSpace, in Park City, Utah. 

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Wellbeing literally means being well. Our belief is that wellbeing is our natural state. There is no distinction between your "personal life" and your "professional life" – you live one life and you are the common denominator in both. 

We help you get off the hamster wheel to slow down and re-connect to what really matters – and we teach you how to holistically care for yourself so you can care for those around you with vitality, awareness and space.

We help conscious leaders like you nourish body, mind, and soul at Lumeria, our wellbeing retreat, held each April at HeartSpace in Park City, Utah.   

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Community consists of identifying, finding, supporting, and inspiring constituents with similar interests and passions in order to learn, teach, share and co-create something better, together. Our belief is that the content is in the community. 

We help you connect more deeply to your community through Morpheus, our innovation and concept design process for peer-to-peer programs, social purpose initiatives, funding models, and overall growth. 

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And funding denotes the diversified, perpetual systems to make the movement sustainable and scalable. Our belief is that funding is a means to an end, not the end. 

We help organizations understand their revenue trends and how to improve them with Polaris, our ongoing coaching work for high-performing teams. 

Time to live your purpose. 

Many of our clients begin their work with us focusing on only one of these components. But fixing one key alone won’t create something transformative and long-lasting. All the funding in the world won’t help you if you aren’t aligned to a coherent strategy; all the inspired leadership you can muster won’t help you create change in the long-term if your team is burnt out and demoralized because they are not seen or heard.
Let us help you move past incremental improvement to create an organization that is truly authentic, aligned, and ready to do great things. Let us help you lay the foundation to re-invent your whole self, your whole organization, or a whole ecosystem. Let's build something truly amazing, together. 
It all starts by understanding where you are and what is important to you. To that end, we've created a simple assessment to help you understand what drives you – and help you understand where to go next. 
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