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Pandora Executive Coaching

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Pandora Is Right For You
Pandora is perfect for leaders seeking to increase performance and fulfillment. We can help at every stage of your growth:

  • Making a career change
  • Taking an entrepreneurial leap
  • Seeking to build self-confidence
  • Wanting to enhance the relationship with yourself & others
  • Interested in following your passions and living your purpose
  • Living with less anxiety and stress
  • Becoming more aware as a conscious leader
  • Integrating your professional and personal life
  • Developing and strengthening your intuition and spiritual connections

What You'll Get
For $1495 per month for twelve months, you'll receive:

  • Executive coaching with the two co-leaders of Plenty
  • A one-day in-person or virtual intensive with Jennifer and Jeff ($12,500 value)
  • Twelve months of curriculum based on the Lights of Conscious Leadership combined with personalized support for the real-time issues, needs, desires, and opportunities you need help working through
  • A seat to Lantern, our acclaimed leadership retreat in Park City, Utah ($1695 value)
  • A personalized report of your Lantern Leadership Assessment results
  • Virtual ninety-minute video coaching calls every four weeks with Jennifer and Jeff
  • As-needed, phone calls, texts, email communication or virtual meetings for urgent support and guidance

What You'll Learn

  • What is working for you and what isn't
  • The power of your thoughts, and how to choose the ones that are empowering for you
  • The power of your passions and the importance of pursuing them 
  • How to slow down to speed up
  • How the power of presence is your super power
  • How to act with courage as you share your values authentically
  • How to develop a deeper relationship with your own light
  • How to stop the recycling of disempowering thoughts 
  • How your awareness of the signs all around can point you to your next right step
  • How to become more awake, aware, and attuned as a conscious leader
  • How to respond to "what is showing up" with courage and confidence
  • How to loosen your grip and trust in the unfolding of life
  • How to deepen your relationship with your higher power, however you conceive it to be 
  • Become more peaceful and trusting with your life and your place in the world
  • How you are supported, cared for, and connected to a conscious leadership community 

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