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Abundance for people like you.


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Culture is more important than ever. Over the last six months, the world has completely disrupted the way many organizations and teams used to function. Offices are closed, video conferencing is the norm, and previous ways of communicating and sharing information don't work any more.

The Five Keys Culture Assessment is designed to help you understand your organization's culture and its orientation towards growth – and help you adapt it so you can move forward in a new way.

We've used it with thousands of organizations, companies, communities, and people like you to help them find a clearer path to revenue, impact, and fulfillment.

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What does it measure?

The assessment doesn’t measure “what is" – it measures your perceptions about what is. It is helpful to understand where you feel abundance and alignment in your culture and where you don't. The Five Keys Assessment is meant to bring awareness to these gaps so you can actualize the potential you really want for yourself, your team, your organization, your family, and friends.

How long does it take?

You can complete the assessment in about five minutes. It includes twenty questions across the Five Keys of transformative culture: wellbeing, leadership, strategy, funding, and community. 

Why do we ask for your email?

We need your email address so we can calculate your results and send them to you. We will never share your personal results with anyone other than you. By submitting the assessment, you are giving us permission to contact you. You can read more about how we use and protect your data in our Privacy Policy.

Should I answer from a "work" perspective or a "personal" perspective?

Yes! Because you don't have a personal life and a professional one. You live one life and the common denominator is you! The Five Keys is a holistic model, you don't need to think about the different roles you play – just answer the questions as yourself. 

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