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Five Things We Learned In Our First Year At Plenty: #5 Keep In Touch With Yourself

Last week, the Plenty team gathered for our one-year meeting. During our three days together, we celebrated and reflected on the past year, had discussions to ensure that we’re all operating from the same page, and looked ahead to set the goals and priorities for the upcoming year. A few lessons surfaced as a result of these discussions: there is plenty for everyone, mission statements should be one sentence long, it’s ok to ask for helpcommunication plans should be year-round and finally – it is essential to keep in touch with yourself.

The past year has been indescribable, both rewarding and challenging in ways I never could have imagined. At one point during our meeting, we took some time to chart out our personal hits and misses from the last twelve months, each on its own post-it note. While a series of post-it notes can’t adequately sum up the most powerful moments from a year, as I viewed the experiences together, it became clear to me that my hits came when I was in touch with the things that matter most to me. My misses came during the moments when I’d lost touch with myself.

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Five Things We Learned In Our First Year At Plenty: #4 You Need 365 Days Of Communications

2014 was a busy year for Plenty. And as a result of crowded schedules, late nights, and more hotel meals than we care to admit to, we learned some important lessons. We have shared three of these lessons so far, which focused on the idea of abundance, how to create an effective mission statement and the need to ask for help. Our fourth lesson learned is a result of busy schedules and impacts many nonprofits – it is the lack of a year-round communication plan. 

You are busy, you have targets to meet and bosses to please. It’s understandable. At Plenty we see how hard nonprofit staff work on their peer-to-peer programs. You go through months of budgeting, planning, promoting and logistics to create the perfect event - an event that is over within the blink of an eye. Your event comes and goes in a matter of hours and before you know it, you are already looking at next season’s event and the large to-do list that awaits you.

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Five Things We Learned In Our First Year At Plenty: #3 Ask For Help

Over the past week we have shared some of the lessons we've learned this year at Plenty. Our first lesson spoke to the importance of believing there is plenty for everyone, and why you should surround yourself with others who share this attitude as well. Our second lesson covered the need for a clear and compelling mission statement that others can adopt and share with ease. We are continuing the discussion this week with our third lesson learned, which is one almost everyone can relate to, the importance and need to ask for help. 

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Five Things We Learned In Our First Year At Plenty: #2 The Best Mission Statements Are One Sentence Long

2014 has been a big year for the Plenty team, and as we approach our first anniversary we are reflecting on the past year - our achievements, our failures and the lessons we have learned along the way. Our first lesson explored the triumphs the nonprofit space has seen this year and the need to surround yourself with people who are passionate, challenge you, and more than anything, believe there is plenty for everyone. Our second lesson revolves around your mission and the need for simplicity.

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Five Things We Learned In Our First Year At Plenty: #1 Plenty For Everyone

Next week, the Plenty team will celebrate our first birthday. In the scheme of what we want to accomplish, it is only a small milestone. As we say in our manifesto, “There is plenty to do. We aren’t there yet.”

At the same time, our first birthday is a natural point to take a quick breather, look at what we’ve learned, and look forward to what is coming next. All this week members of our team will share their thoughts from our first year.

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Answering The Uncomfortable Question To Find A Cure

Earlier this month the Plenty team had the privilege of facilitating the Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division’s Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Symposium for local and regional leaders, volunteer engagement coordinators, and fundraising coordinators. We were excited to see the Canadian Cancer Society fully embracing the power of peer-to-peer fundraising to further elevate their iconic Relay for Life and other special events, by first focusing on their key staff.

As we shared with the Canadian Cancer Society and have shared with many clients over the years, success in peer-to-peer fundraising starts within your organization. It truly cannot be achieved without your team understanding and adopting these essential ideologies:

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Three Ways To Engage The Next Generation Of Fundraisers

Go big or go home.

This was the mantra of the AFP Midwestern Conference in Chicago last week. This idea became more than just the conference tagline as it was reflected in the session topics and discussions throughout the entire event. As attendees we had the ability to participate in a dialogue around some pretty big ideas including the growth of millennial engagement in peer-to-peer fundraising. And while the conversation around millennials isn’t new in the nonprofit space, it is still a concept that leaves many nonprofit organizations saying – huh?

The sessions around millennial impact were unchartered waters for many in attendance, yet they ignited a wave of curious optimism for those eager to harness the power of young adult’s social networks for social good. And though we at Plenty are well-versed in the power of peer-to-peer, we too have become increasingly focused on the importance of millennial engagement.

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