We work with smart, conscious leaders who need wise and caring counsel to extract their own wisdom, capitalize on big opportunities, work through complex challenges, and find a clear path forward.

You have the answers. We'll help you find them. 


What We Do

We Foster Conscious Growth

Conscious leaders work with us to help unlock growth in their businesses, teams, and themselves.

We help you create growth along three dimensions.



We build strategies and campaigns that create significant financial lift for your business.



We help you do well while doing good in the world.



We help you make sure your work benefits your soul as well as your financials.


We help conscious businesses and their teams set effective and inspiring strategies from the inside out. 

Strategic Planning • Values Clarification • New Business Models • Board Engagement • Workshops and Retreats


We help conscious businesses and teams "see what is" to uncover insights from their data, stakeholders, employees, and own inner wisdom.

Proprietary Assessments • Data Analytics • Listening Interviews • Market and Consumer Insights • Discovery Workshops


We help conscious leaders and teams think differently about their challenges and surface new growth opportunities. 

Creating Peer-to-Peer Movements • Brain- and Heart-Storming Sessions • New Product and Campaign Design


We help conscious teams confidently and courageously share their truth, listen deeply, co-create a new path forward, and align on what to do next. 

Team Retreats • Experiential Meetings • Culture Workshops • Meaningful Planning Sessions • Town Halls


We help conscious organizations inspire their constituents with keynotes and experiential talks that connect audiences to simple, powerful wisdom.

Keynotes • Conferences • Team Meetings • Salons

Our Consulting Packages

Every engagement is customized to fit your needs.
Here's where we start. 

Your Consultants

Meet Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, your guides.

Plenty co-leaders Jennifer and Jeff are dynamic facilitators, strategists, and published authors. Together, they bring unparalleled expertise in facilitating positive change and unlocking growth for a better world.

Jennifer and Jeff will facilitate your consulting experience and guide your organization to envisioning and reaching its best future. 

Head and Heart

Our Process

Our proven process ensures you get results – and feel inspired doing it.

Define Success

I. Kick-off & Discovery

  • We'll help you choose a project team.
  • We'll introduce the project and align on your goals.
  • We'll spend a few days to a few weeks exploring your organization, depending upon the scope of our work together.
Consulting 2
Define Success
Surface Insights

II. Analyze and Discuss

  • We will conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis to help surface insights, challenges, and opportunities. 
  • This may include mining constituent data, running revenue and expense analytics, interviewing key stakeholders, and deploying proprietary assessments.
Surface Insights
Create Alignment

III. Immersive Retreat

  • There's no substitute for in-person human connection. Every engagement we conduct features an in-person experience at HeartSpace, Plenty's retreat center in Park City, Utah, or onsite with you.
  • We'll share our discovery findings and distill the discovery from your team and
  • We'll use nature and outdoor exploration to help you find the most important insights to apply to your challenge, inspire you to dream about your company's highest possibility, explore possible alternative solutions, and, most importantly, align on what's next. 
Create Alignment
Frame Out Solutions

IV. Document & Refine

  • After the in-person session, we'll document the discussions, decisions, and roadmap in a playbook - a beautiful, informative plan that includes all of the components of your decisions.
  • Then, we will refine it together, ensuring buy-in and adoption from key decision-makers like board members, executives, partners, and agencies.
  • We also test any financial models we've built and workshop any key operational changes. 
Facilitation 2
Frame Out Solutions
Measure Results

V. Implement & Achieve

Finally, we'll help you codify the decisions and direction into your existing plans and budgets or, if applicable, replace your previous strategies with what's been created.

In addition to the experiential deliverables, you can count on at least four written deliverables:

  1. Discovery Findings. We'll present a set of discovery findings to you.
  2. Retreat Materials. This is a workbook for you and each project team member to use during our in-person session.
  3. Draft Playbook. A draft playbook outlining the approach we've agreed on for you to review and use. This may include financial modeling, depending on the core problem to be addressed.
  4. Final Playbook. A final playbook, integrated into your existing strategic and financial documentation, based on your feedback on the draft.
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Measure Results
Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Our Clients

Read what our clients say about working with us.

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Leading In This Space

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One Of The Best I've Attended
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One Of The Best I've Attended

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Two Parts Strategy Session, One Part Renewing Retreat

Two Parts Strategy Session, One Part Renewing Retreat

"The team at HeartSpace really knows how to encourage groups to productively open their hearts towards purposely guiding their organizations towards t…

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Highly Recommend
The Horton Group Meridian

Highly Recommend

"I came into the week skeptical of the time commitment and more important things that needed to be done at the office. Leaving the experience totally …

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Well Done!
Well Done - The Horton Group Meridian

Well Done!

Strategy is such a meaty topic to address for any organization and the pre-work that was done by Plenty through the survey and even speaking to a form…

November 22, 2021 1 min read
On Point and Enjoyable
Horton Meridian

On Point and Enjoyable

"I went into Meridian with high expectations and they were completely exceeded. The process, facilitation and experience were on point and enjoyable. …

November 18, 2021 1 min read
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