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Create your conscious culture. 

Our two-day team building workshop will re-invigorate and re-inspire your team.
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Invest in Your Team 

During times like these, you can't afford to have your team feel anxious, uncertain, and distracted. Low morale has a cost. 

We can help your team re-connect and re-believe in themselves and the mission of your movement.

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Invigorate Your Culture

Our intimate and engaging workshop is designed to help you surface the issues you haven't been able to discuss. 

Then, we'll help you deeply listen to each other, forge authentic connections, and boost morale from the inside out.


Increase Your Performance 

When people are seen, supported, and heard they're more motivated to serve and more adaptable to change.

Let us help your team learn how to focus on performance rather than problems. 

Creating conscious, high-performing cultures
for organizations like yours. 

Compass, our two-day team-building workshop, is designed to help ask simple but powerful questions about the culture you have and the culture you want so you can build a conscious culture.


There are five fundamental keys to creating a healthy culture: strategy, leadership, wellbeing, community, and funding. When one or two get stuck, a team can grow stagnant. When three or four get stuck, an entire organization can become toxic. 


We use a three-part process to help you create the culture you want, need, and deserve.

Five Keys


Using our Five Keys Conscious Culture Assessment, we’ll measure your team's perceptions of leadership, strategy, funding, community, and wellbeing related to your organization. We'll surface icebergs (issues lurking beneath the surface) and lighthouses (bright spots and areas that are working well) to help each person "see what is."
We'll collect data that will help you and your team clearly see areas of alignment, areas of misalignment, and issue areas ripe for improvement. 
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We’ll facilitate an interactive workshop – online or in-person – with you and your team to help everyone understand the results of the Five Keys Culture Assessment.
We’ll outline the gaps and opportunities as we orchestrate a safe and trusting space to discuss the heart of your issues. We'll engage the team to collaborate and work together to come up with solutions that are doable, actionable, and needed to create the culture you want. 
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Through honest, vulnerable, and real conversations, you and your team will gain a deeper awareness of what is working and what is not. We'll help your team move from complaining about the way things have been to constructing a better way things can be.
As we foster alignment – one of the most important qualities of a high performing team – you'll be amazed at the ideas, solutions, and progress your team makes, together. 
Having the opportunity to interact in a meaningful way with coworkers was the greatest benefit of the experience. The escape from all the distractions of office life was a boon to our productivity and creative process. Having the Plenty team to keep a hand on the tiller to keep us on track was instrumental and the encouragement and honest feedback was invaluable."
Jason Nally
Jason Nally, Environmental Champion, Maker's Mark Distillery

The Details.

Learn about the Compass process, client case studies, your facilitators, and more. 



Our culture workshop will re-invigorate and re-inspire your team.


We've created a process that is short, sweet, and delivers big results.


We help conscious leaders like you create great culture. 


Designed to help you understand your organization's culture and its orientation towards growth.


Meet your culture coaches: the facilitators at Plenty.


We can deliver Compass for you online or in-person.


We're here for whatever you need. 

Your culture matters more than ever. 

Peter Drucker famously wrote, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" – and in a time during which we're all learning the limits of planning, culture is the fabric holding your organization together. 
Compass is designed to help you with the needs and gaps that arise in culture during changing times:
  • Low morale
  • Too many politics, not enough progress
  • The need to adapt to changing dynamics
  • Creating skill around new initiatives
  • Burnout and turnover
  • Lack of trust
  • Constant change
  • Dysfunctional communication
  • Poor results and productivity

A better culture in four weeks.

Culture is unique to every organization – and we've created a process to help you quickly revitalize yours.
An online Compass engagement usually lasts four weeks. We distribute the Five Keys Culture Assessment to your team, analyze the results, and conduct several half-day virtual workshops to unearth gaps, facilitate productive discussions around the areas of greatest need, and design solutions to address them. 
Our in-person Compass engagements also last about four weeks. The difference is we include a two-day in-person workshop either at HeartSpace, our retreat center in Park City, Utah, or onsite with your team. This extra time and all-inclusive experience allows us to go into more depth with your team.

Browse Each Phase

Culture is at the heart of everything we do. 

Great culture unlocks growth, fulfillment, and abundance for you, your team, your organization, your stakeholders, and your mission. 
We’ve worked with thousands of organizations to identify the gaps and needs within their culture, facilitated healthy dialogue, and have created pathways to align and unite teams to unlock unprecedented growth. 
In the last two decades, we’ve helped powerful organizations create deeper alignment to unlock growth, raising over a billion dollars for charity in the process.

Assessing your culture. 

Culture is more important than ever. This year, the world has completely disrupted the way many organizations and teams function. Offices are closed, video conferencing is the norm, and previous ways of communicating and sharing information don't work any more.
The Five Keys Culture Assessment is designed to help you understand your organization's culture and its orientation towards growth – and help you adapt it so you can move forward in a new way.
We've used it with thousands of organizations, companies, communities, and people like you to help them find a clearer path to revenue, impact, and fulfillment.

Take the assessment here →

Our place or yours.

You choose: We can deliver Compass for you either online or in-person.
A virtual Compass engagement usually lasts about four weeks, including several half-day virtual culture workshops. We use a set of private virtual classrooms, live meetings, and online discussions to assess, align, and create the culture of your dreams.
Our in-person Compass engagements last about four weeks and includes one two-day onsite culture workshop where we’ll come to you.
For the ultimate experience, join us at our retreat center in Park City, Utah where the beauty and space of our surroundings will allow your team to open their hearts, bringing out their best selves.  
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Meet the team.

Plenty has  worked with thousands of conscious leaders and hundreds of purpose-driven organizations.
We play several roles during our engagements. We’re your facilitators, guiding the conversation with questions designed to get you to think big. We’re skilled listeners who can track, synthesize, and integrate intricate nuances into simple understanding.
And, we’re also culture coaches, bringing you the fresh ideas tailored to your needs to make a difference in the world.  

Optional Add-Ons

Let’s turn the keys to healthy culture. 
Our clients often ask us to do additional analysis, coaching, and development. Depending on your needs that surfaced during Compass, we provide additional services to help you turn the levers of growth in strategy, leadership, wellbeing, community, and funding
  • Strategic planning
  • Design and launch new concept
  • Culture assessments and creation
  • Leadership development 
  • Performance and executive coaching
  • Persona creation 
  • Partner and technology selection 
  • Performance, revenue, and customer analysis 
Our Services
Plenty delivered excellent content and facilitated meaningful conversation that otherwise would not have happened. I feel the entire team is energized after the experience."
David Shindley

David Shindley,

Senior Manager, Community Development, American Cancer Society

The retreat brought our team closer together, and allowed us to bond as one so we can really achieve our organizations goals. The time was relaxing and equally impactful. The experience was life changing."


March of Dimes, Team Member

A Phone Call Is Always Free.

Let us help you move past silos, politics, and complaints and build a positive, high-performing culture. 

We’d love to schedule a free 30-minute meeting to learn about the culture you want to create.

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Compass has been used by amazing organizations like yours. 

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